Naval’nyi candidate wins in Tomsk
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Ksenja Fadeeva was Naval’ny staff coordinator. The blogger, head of the opposition, woke up from a coma and even managed to get up. In the regional elections in several cities of Siberia encouraging results are expected for the opposition. Everywhere the slogan rebounds "The United Russia party [Putin's ed] has bored us!". Yesterday in Sochi the summit between Putin and Lukashenko. Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz is now in Lithuania. Authorities said his Belarusian passport "is not valid".

Moscow (AsiaNews) – In the Siberian city of Tomsk, precisely where the opposition leader Alexei Naval’ny was poisoned, the young coordinator of his staff, Ksenja Fadeeva, has been elected deputy of the State Duma (see photo).

The elections were held on Sunday 13 September in dozens of regions of the Russian Federation, to elect some governors, mayors and deputies of various federal levels. Even before the entire tally of the results, it was clear how much events this summer had affected voters, from the crisis following the pandemic to the protests in the Far East and Belarus, to the poisoning of Navalnyj.

Navalnyj has awakened from a coma in the Berlin clinic where he is hospitalized, hoping to recover completely; he even managed to get up from the hospital bed for a few minutes.

The blogger Navalnyj, head of the "street" opposition, went to Tomsk in August to shoot a documentary on the suspicious activities and wealth of some local deputies belonging to President Putin's "United Russia" party. The investigation highlighted the corruption patterns of some companies, the owners of which are allegedly the deputies.

On 20 August Navalnyj fell ill on board the plane that was supposed to bring him back to Moscow, but thanks to the pilot's readiness he was immediately disembarked, and after a few days his wife obtained permission to transfer him to Germany, after sending a formal request to Putin himself. In Germany, doctors confirmed the poisoning with the Russian drug Novichok, and the results of the joint Russian-German investigation into the incident are now awaited.

Voters were called to vote on 37 seats; five years ago the deputies of "United Russia" won 32, and almost all of them decided to run again this round. The Naval’nyj campaign was aimed at winning several seats, especially in the Tomsk area - more prone to corruption - through the mechanisms of "useful votes", for his candidates or those of other parties other than the Putinian one. In addition to Fadeeva, whose victory in the single seat was a real surprise, the other candidate of Navalnyy in Tomsk, Andrej Fateev, also won the seat, who defeated one of the negative protagonists of the video of Navalnyj , Sergej Panasjuk. "We spent a sleepless night, but finally happy," said Fadeeva, waiting for the full results of the polls.

Even in other big cities of Siberia, such as Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, and in Magadan in the Far East, despite numerous reports of fraud, encouraging results are expected for the opposition forces, with which the communists and liberal nationalists have joined in various places. , traditionally allies of Putin. Everywhere the slogan "The United Russia party got bored!" Was repeated.

Meanwhile, on September 14, the summit between Putin and Lukashenko was held in Sochi, in which it became clear that Russian aid to the Belarusian president (loans to the tune of $ 1.5 billion were also promised) would cost dearly, granting Moscow significant parts of the Belarusian sovereignty.

Catholic Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Metropolitan of Minsk-Mogilev, has recently moved from Poland to Lithuania, where he has been invited to preside over the liturgical celebrations. The official response to the requests for clarification on the refusal to return home arrived from the customs authorities on 14 September: it was communicated that "Kondrusiewicz's passport was declared invalid".