Nikol Pashinian: We will not allow Turkey to carry out a second Armenian genocide
by Pierre Balanian

In addition to Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan also support Azerbaijan against "Armenian aggression". For the second consecutive day, the Armenian inhabitants of Stepanakert spent the night in the basement. Armenia and Azerbaijan blame each other for starting the attacks. Social media full of racial slurs and religious warfare.

Stepanakert (AsiaNews) - "We will not allow Turkey to perpetrate a genocide of Armenians for the second time": Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian said yesterday, recalling the events of 1915, when the populations of Western Armenia - today Turkish Anatolia - were wiped out or driven from their ancestral land. In a conversation yesterday with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Armenian premier discussed at length the causes and developments of the war that broke out days ago between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

Pashinian asked for Turkey to be neutralized to avoid an unwanted widening of the war. To defend Nagorno Karabakh, Armenia has threatened to resort to the use of Iskendar defense systems. Meanwhile, after Turkey and Pakistan, Afghanistan yesterday also declared its intention to support Azerbaijan against what is called an Armenian "aggression".

The war has international connotations at least from the point of view of weapons: the intense aerial bombardments with Turkish and Azerbaijani jets and Israeli and Turkish-made attack drones indiscriminately hit Armenian military positions and inhabited centers in the north and south of Artsakh. Armenia and Artsakh (the Armenian name of Nagorno Karabakh) respond with Russian weapons.

The capital Stepanakert is being subjected to intense bombing; Azerbaijani troops' attempts to advance by land continue in the Vartenis region, where a bus of civilians was hit this morning. There are destroyed houses, health centers, schools and roads. For the second consecutive day, the Armenian inhabitants spent the night in the basement (see photo).

The presence of Syrian Islamic fundamentalists in Azerbaijan has been confirmed by various Western chancelleries and by Russian intelligence. Armenia and Azerbaijan blame each other for the initiation of the attacks. Yerevan accuses Azerbaijan for starting on September 27 at 7.10 ambreaking of the ceasefire and the internationally guaranteed truce.

The contract signed with the mercenaries of Syria's Islamic terrorist fractions, their prior training in Al Bab in the Aleppo Province and then transferred to Turkey, tends to show that Baku had been preparing for a long time for the resumption of the conflict.

It is also a war on social media: apparently Azerbaijani or Turkish profiles and profiles with Armenian names, all recently opened, are sowing racial hatred inciting violence.