Prof Tritto: from the COVID-19 made in China to an appeal against biological weapons (video)



Siena (AsiaNews) – Prof Joseph Tritto is the author of China Covid-19. The Chimera that Changed the World (in Italian), a book that was released more than a month ago by Edizioni Cantagalli.

In it, the author provides many scientific arguments that lead to the conclusion that the virus is not present in nature but was created in a laboratory in Wuhan, in the biosecurity laboratory 4 to be more precise.

Beyond the moral responsibilities for what happened, a pandemic that is disrupting the life and economy of the whole world, the scientist looks to the future.

In his view, there is an urgent need for worldwide rules to regulate research on how to create viruses in labs, on how P4 (biosafety-level-4) labs can operate, on relations between military and civil labs, and on forcing China and other countries to sign a biological and toxin weapons convention.

Courtesy of Edizioni Cantagalli. Video in Italian.