Andrew Chan to be Hong Kong’s new Anglican archbishop

The bishop of Western Kowloon will replace the Most Rev Paul Kwong at the helm of a community of about 30,000 members. Last year he backed pro-democracy protests opposed to a proposed extradition law; however, he also condemned partisan violence by protesters.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Right Rev Andrew Chan will be Hong Kong’s new Anglican archbishop. On 3 January 2021, he will replace the Most Rev Paul Kwong, who is leaving office due to the age limit. He was elected yesterday.

The new pastor will lead a community of about 30,000 members. Last year, he backed pro-democracy protests but challenged their excesses.

Chan, 58, is the bishop of the Diocese of Western Kowloon. He was elected ahead of the Right Rev Timothy Kwok, who heads the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, and the Right Rev Matthias Der, coadjutor bishop of Hong Kong Island.

In June 2019, when protests broke out against the extradition law proposed (and later withdrawn) by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam, Chan, Kwong and Kwok co-signed a pastoral letter condemning the attitude of the government towards protesters.

According to the three Anglican prelates, the authorities were responsible for the protests, guilty of "ignoring the real worries and fears of citizens.”

However, the three Anglican bishops also criticised protesters for the 1 July storming of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo)), rejecting the use of violence to express dissent.