Satellite pictures shows Beijing prepares attacks against Taiwan
Photos show southern China, where Beijing prepares military forces to attack the island.

Taipei (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Taiwan on Thursday showed satellite pictures of military bases in rival China to bolster its case that Beijing is actively preparing for the eventual use of force against the island.

At a briefing for reporters, Taiwan's military showed 20 satellite pictures of what it said were sites in China used in war games simulating attacks on the island.

Military spokesman Liu Chih-chien said pictures of Dahuo Island in China's Guangdong province bore an uncanny resemblance to the small Taiwan-held island of Tungyin.

A photo taken early last September shows an airport on Dahuo with oil tanks and mock-ups of two US-built F16 fighter jets, which Taiwan's military has, but China's doesn't, Mr Liu said.

A picture of the same island taken weeks later shows the dummy planes and one oil tank destroyed.

Other pictures taken over the past year showed missile testing sites, an empty building in a desert hit by missiles, and a Russian-built ship adapted for training aircraft carrier crews, Mr Liu said.

Taiwan's government has been waging a tough campaign to convince the opposition-controlled legislature to pass a multibillion-dollar deal for US-made weapons.

Opposition lawmakers have been using their slim majority for more than a year to block discussion of the US billion package, which includes missiles, submarines, and anti-submarine aircraft.

China and Taiwan split amid civil war in 1949, but Beijing still claims sovereignty over the self-ruled entity and threatens to use force if Taipei moves toward formal independence.