Abraham accord, high ranking Bahraini on official visit to Jerusalem

Tomorrow a trilateral meeting will be held between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, US Secretary of State Pompeo and Manama's Foreign Minister Abdellatif al-Zayani. Future bilateral and diplomatic relations are on the table, as well as commercial agreements. A direct link between the two countries is also expected.

Manama (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Bahrain's Foreign Minister Abdellatif al-Zayani is expected tomorrow in Jerusalem for the first trip of a senior official of the Arab monarchy to Israel since the normalization of relations in the context of the "Abraham Accords".

The meeting will be attended by Prime Minister and landlord Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the representative of Manama, along with fellow industry, trade and tourism Zayed Bin Rashid Al Zayani.

In the context of the meeting, future bilateral and diplomatic relations will be explored, as well as commercial agreements for the benefit of both countries.

Israeli officials cited by the Walla agency say that work is underway in the air transport sector, with the aim of ensuring a direct link between Tel Aviv and Manama. The signature should arrive tomorrow, in conjunction with the visit. The opening of the respective diplomatic representations and the exchange of ambassadors will also be discussed.

Last month Israel and Bahrain signed a joint statement, in the context of the controversial "Abrahamic Agreements", which also involve the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Sudan. The signing took place during the visit of an Israeli and US delegation to Manama, with the aim of promoting the cooperation of an alliance strongly desired by Washington in an anti-Tehran key Despite the statements of the leaders, in Bahrain (a nation ruled by a Sunni monarchy in a context with a Shiite majority) the signing of the "Abraham Accord" was opposed by internal opposition and activist groups at home and abroad.

“The establishment of peace and normalization with Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Sudan constitute a major achievement for the State of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting, minutes before the vote. “This is the result of a long effort we have led for years, an effort to expand the circle of peace, an effort to bring true peace, an effort to bring peace for peace,” he added.

In recent weeks, outgoing US President Donald Trump and his administration have worked intensively to push Saudi Arabia to sign a normalization agreement with Israel. Riyadh, however, confirmed the position held in recent years by the main nations of the world and the Arab Gulf, according to which the establishment of official relations is subject to the signing of peace with the Palestinians and the birth of an autonomous state. From the Wahhabi monarchy - a sort of big brother for Bahrain - however, there have been signs of openness towards Israel, such as the concession of airspace for commercial flights.