Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden

He was among the few world leaders not to have done so yet. So far the US president-elect had only been vaguely congratulated by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Analysts: Xi moved after Trump authorized the start of the transition and announced fresh sanctions on Beijing companies.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Xi Jinping congratulated US president-elect Joe Biden yesterday. In a message published by the state news agency Xinhua, the Chinese president told the democratic leader that the international community expects "healthy and stable" relations between the two powers.

Xi’s compliments to Biden come almost three weeks after the election result was announced, following those sent by most governments and after incumbent President Donald Trump authorized the transition process to begin. Among the big powers, and those of greatest importance to Washington, only Russia, Mexico and Brazil have yet to congratulate the Democratic candidate.

On November 13, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had made a vague declaration that China "respects the choice of the American people and congratulates Biden and Kamala Harris [the vice president-elect]". At the same time, it stressed that the Chinese government is aware that the results of the vote "will be ascertained according to US laws and procedures," referring to the judicial appeals presented by Trump to challenge the election results.

Analysts read growing tensions with Washington as the impetus for the Chinese leadership’s caution around the final outcome of the presidential dispute in the United States. The intent was to avoid friction with the administration in office before the new one took office on January 20. So far, however, the judges have rejected all of Trump’s appeals. Moreover, the outgoing leader also announced new sanctions for US companies that do business with the Chinese military industry. Hence the official move by Xi.