Protesters in Yangon: the dictatorships of the world are against the people
by Francis Khoo Thwe

The UN Commission for Human Rights calls for the release of democratically elected political leaders and guarantees of freedom of speech. The resolution was passed unanimously, but China, Russia, the Philippines, Venezuela and Bolivia are distancing themselves. The demonstrations by the entire population from across the generations, including "generation Z".

Yangon (AsiaNews) - Demonstrations against the military coup d'état and for the liberation of democratic leaders are multiplying daily, with many cross-sections of the population taking part.

Meanwhile, last night the UN Commission for Human Rights managed to pass a resolution calling for the immediate release of the members of the civilian government. A tougher resolution against the junta had found opposition from Russia and China.

After the milder resolution was passed, Chinese Ambassador Chen Xu thanked the members for "adopting our recommendations", but also said that China would not follow the proposed recommendations.

The UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said the resolution demands "for the full respect of the democratic will of the people of Myanmar as well as full respect of their human rights", and demands that the military government guarantee freedom of speech and political rights, removing any internet censorship.

Along with China, representatives of the Philippines, Bolivia, Venezuela and Russia also distanced themselves from the resolution.

Some young people from Yangon commented: "No wonder: the dictatorships are leaning on each other and they are all against the people."

What is striking about the demonstrations is the fact they contain people from a large cross section of society: doctors, nurses, civil servants, policemen, Buddhist monks, priests, seminarians, nuns and also many young people of the so-called "Generation Z", around 20 years old: athletes, students, rock singers and punks, girls in wedding dresses, boys dressed as a woman, or as a cartoon character. Everyone waving placards with ironizing the junta but with a common message: "enough with dictatorship!".

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