Nuclear, 'fruitful and constructive' the first talks between Tehran and Washington

Cautious optimism after the first (indirect) meeting yesterday in Vienna, under the aegis of the EU. The restoration of the JCPOA "will not be immediate" and "will take time", but positive signals are coming from Iran and the United States. The White House is ready to remove the sanctions "contrary to the agreement".

Vienna (AsiaNews / Agencies) – The talks that began yesterday in Vienna (Austria) on the Iranian nuclear agreement ( JCPOA  ), the first to involve - albeit indirectly - Tehran and Washington since the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House, are be "fruitful" and "constructive".

There is cautious optimism in the joint commission formed by Iran, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and the United States, under the aegis of the European Union, which describes the encounter as "positive".

At the end of the meetings, the representative of Moscow Mikhaïl Oulianov specified that the restoration of the nuclear agreement "will not be immediate", but "it will take time". However, "the important thing [...] is that the practical steps to be able to achieve this goal have begun".

In a video posted by state agencies, the head of the Iranian delegation Abbas Araghchi said that "overall the meeting was constructive". Using the same adjective, the United States spoke of a "constructive and welcome step" with a view to resuming dialogue.

Within 15 days (or a month at the most) further meetings of two groups of experts are planned, one on sanctions and the other on the nuclear program. Meanwhile, Washington seems to want to send positive signals and reconciliation, saying it is ready to "remove the sanctions that are in contradiction with the agreement".

This position, the Iranian government replied in an official note, is "realistic and promising" that could be "adjust the adversarial process that led diplomacy to an impasse".