Beijing: forays into Taipei skies in a response to foreign interference

With 28 military aircraft, yesterday the Chinese carried out the most massive raid in months. A response to the G7, which called for a peaceful solution to the dispute between China and Taiwan. The Asian giant's aircraft flew over an area crossed by a US aircraft carrier. Experts: Beijing wants to intimidate its opponents.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - China’s air raids into Taiwan’s skies are a response to interference from foreign countries that conspire with Tsai Ing-wen’s government for the independence of the island.

This is what Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Chinese Office for Taiwanese Affairs, said this morning after yesterday 28 military aircraft of the People's Liberation Army passed the Taipei aerial identification zone: the most massive raid since last September, when Beijing has begun to intensify its air sorties into the Taiwan Strait.

The Taipei Defense Ministry pointed out that the Chinese have deployed one anti-submarine aircraft, one electric warfare aircraft, four bombers, two radar control aircraft and 20 fighter jets.

The operation came two days after the G7 countries called for the status quo to be maintained in the Taiwan Strait, encouraging Beijing and Taipei to find a peaceful solution to their disputes. Communist China considers Taiwan a "rebel" province, to be reconquered even by force if necessary.

The Chinese air force also flew over the southern tip of the island, near the Bashi Channel, which divides Taiwan from the Philippines: a probable message to the United States. Yesterday a US aircraft carrier and its combat group crossed the sea passage to reach the South China Sea, which the Chinese claim almost in full.

According to several observers, with its repeated incursions China wants to intimidate Taipei and Washington, as well as send the message to the international community that it will not back down on its territorial claims. Taiwanese analysts also note that the Chinese leadership launches these operations to soften the more nationalist fringes of the regime.