Seoul, Covid-19: all infections are from Delta variant

This was reported today by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. Nearly 80% of the population has received one dose of vaccine. As of next month, distancing measures will be removed.



Seoul (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Last week, 3,245 cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus were detected in South Korea according to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (Kdca). The agency specified that at the moment this is the most widespread strain of the virus in the country and the reason why health authorities are having difficulty in containing the infections.

However, the Kdca added that daily cases of the virus tend to fluctuate depending on the number of swabs, which are generally lower during weekends or vacation periods. 

The latest spike in infections occurred in the capital Seoul and surrounding areas. Today the country reported 1,571 new cases, raising the total number to more than 346,000.

For the 12th consecutive day, new infections remained below 2,000, after more than 3,200 positives were recorded in one day at the end of September. Thanks to the vaccination campaign, cases have begun to fall: at the moment 67% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle and almost 80% have received the first dose. In July, however, the vaccinated were just 10%.

In recent days, the South Korean government has introduced a scheme of "cohabitation with Covid-19": until the end of the month you can meet between 8 and 10 people only if fully vaccinated: then it is expected that the restrictions will be removed altogether.