'AsiaToday': A morning round up of the latest news from across the continent

The AsiaNews.it website is 18 years old and is launching a new service: from November 2, from Monday to Saturday, a web review to start the day with a comprehensive look at what is making the news in Asia.


Our AsiaNews.it website, online since November 1, 2003, is now 18 years old. To mark the occasion, we are adding a new service to our news coverage: from tomorrow - November 2, 2021 - we will be launching "AsiaToday", a morning round-up of the day's news from all over the continent.

By 9 a.m. in Rome in the Italian edition - and then also in the English, Spanish and Chinese translations - from Monday to Saturday we will offer an overview of the main news from the different regions of Asia in a single article. It is a way to start the day by browsing through the topics that are making headlines on the continent's news sites; an initial overview edited by the AsiaNews editorial staff, to then continue our day with the usual articles and in-depth analysis from individual countries.

It is intended as an additional service to our readers, but also as a way to help them keep their eyes and hearts open on the whole of Asia. It is also the first step in a series of new initiatives that we are working on and that will be launched in the coming weeks. Because the journey of AsiaNews continues in its faithfulness to the mission of reporting on Asia through its multitude of faces: from the economy to geopolitics, from denied religious freedom to the seeds of hope sown by so many courageous men and women, from the contradictions of its political models to the vitality of its Churches and cultures. A continent and a Christian presence that we all see, by now, as crucial for today's world. By the same token, it also deserves to be known and loved in new ways. Day by day.