Campus Fidei to promote faith among Jakarta youth
by Mathias Hariyadi

The archdiocese is set to implement a four-year youth programme in its 67 parishes via an online campaign designed to involve more and more people. For Card Suharyo, concrete actions can restore value to human dignity.


Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Campus Fidei will be the name of a four-year Christian educational programme to be implemented in the 67 parishes that make up the Archdiocese of Jakarta.

“Based on a recent study by the youth commission, it has become our serious concern and intention to engage in mentoring and guiding our youth towards the faith,” said Card Ignatius Suharyo in a video message.

The idea was developed by the Synergy Team Mentoring Sector, the archdiocese's youth orientation group.

Campus Fidei will not have a physical location. “It is rather a community movement to stimulate the Christian spirit and promote faith in everyday life,’” said Fr Antonius Yakin Ciptamulya, a member of the diocesan youth commission.

For campaign coordinator Gerard Thema, “the online public campaign will be recognisable by the #AkuDikasihiAkuMengasihi hashtag (Aku Dikasihi Aku Mengasihi, Being loved, I love others),

The archdiocese, Thema said, wants to “show that youth really respect seniors, parents, colleagues ...”

The initiative, which is set to go on until 2026, is meant to restore human dignity in daily life in three social domains, through proper ethics, social solidarity and compassion towards others.

"Together,” noted Card Suharyo, “we can work to ensure that more and more people feel inspired to restore value to human dignity through concrete actions upon which we then reflect via social media.”