Nablus, a 16-year-old Palestinian boy is killed by Israeli soldiers

Today's headlines: A famous Vietnamese hacker turns government agent; Seoul and Tokyo send fighter jets in response to an intrusion by Chinese and Russian jets during the Quad summit; Indian Catholic lay forum launches a call for an end to discrimination against minorities; 'one-way' airline tickets to Russia have reached 70% of sales. 



A young Palestinian man aged just 16 was killed by Israeli soldiers during clashes that broke out on the sidelines of a Jewish pilgrimage in the northern West Bank, in an already tense atmosphere. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the boy was hit in the head by bullets fired by the army deployed around Joseph's tomb in Nablus.


One of the country's best-known hackers has become a government cyber-agent, putting his skills at the service of the State. At the peak of his career, Ngo Minh Hieu made his fortune by stealing the personal data of hundreds of millions of Americans. For this he spent seven years in US prisons. Now he has been recruited by Hanoi to hunt down his former colleagues. 


Seoul flew fighter jets in response to the earlier intrusion of at least four Chinese and Russian military aircraft into the South Korean Air Defence Identification Zone. Similar action was also taken by the Japanese Defence Ministry after jets approached the Japanese space while Tokyo was hosting the Quad leaders' summit. 


A forum of Indian Catholics is calling for an end to discrimination and hatred towards minorities, urging the country to learn from the mistakes of other nations that have led to economic and social disasters. The India Catholic Union, the largest secular movement, points out that the rising tide of hatred if left unchecked could cause damage to peace and unity. .


A United Arab Emirates company signed a contract with the Taliban to provide ground handling services at three airports in Afghanistan. The only one in the capital, Kabul, was destroyed in August during the evacuation after the Koranic students came to power. Some domestic and international flights are operational, but major companies need modernisation. 


Beijing continues to remain behind the scenes of the Russian war in Ukraine. The 68-year-old Xi Jinping is preparing for re-election as 'eternal president' next autumn, at the 20th Communist Party Congress, with a very strict control of the country's opinions. A widespread opinion of scepticism prevails with respect to the invasion launched by Moscow. 


Russian "one-way" airline tickets out of the country have reached 70% of sales, especially among collaborators and employees of financial, consulting and IT firms. In March and April, the favourite destinations were Turkey and Kazakhstan.