Israel holds some 800 Palestinians under administrative detention, most of them since 2008

Today's headlines: at least 13 Uyghurs have died, and thousands intoxicated, from disinfectants sprayed by Chinese authorities to combat Covid; Cambodia's first native bishop has been installed in Kampong Cham; the death toll in the attack in Afghanistan rises to 43; Colombo has cut taxes on women's hygiene products; In Russia sanatoriums and old people's homes reorganise, moving from pandemic to war veterans. 


Israel is still holding some 800 Palestinians without trial or charge, according to the activist group HaMoked. It is the highest number of people subjected to 'administrative detention' since 2008, a practice whereby suspects are held for months on a discretionary basis. Behind the increase is the escalation of raids and arrests in the West Bank. 


At least 13 Uyghurs died of poisoning from disinfectants sprayed in their homes by the authorities to combat a wave of Covid-19 infections in a county in Xinjiang, northwest China. The case dates back to 20 September, but the news only emerged over the weekend due to censorship imposed by Beijing. In addition to the victims, there are thousands of intoxicated people. 


The death toll of the 30 September attack on against a school in Kabul, Afghanistan, attended by the Shia Hazara Muslim minority, has risen to 43. According to the UN mission, most of the victims were women, plus 83 wounded. At the moment, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but suspicions converge on Isis.


Colombo cut taxes on hygiene products for women to support them in a dramatic economic crisis for the country. Already about 50 per cent (or 5.3 million of reproductive age) had to stay in menstruation because they were unable to buy sanitary napkins. Today, the situation has worsened and the figure has risen to 70% due to inflation and lack of essential goods. 


Over the weekend, the Apostolic Nuncio in Cambodia, Archbishop Paul Tschang In-Nam, presided over the installation Mass of Msgr Pierre Suon Hangly as Apostolic Prefect of Kampong Cham, the first native ordinary in the region after two missionaries. The service was attended by 60 priests and numerous faithful, for an event described as 'historic' by the local Church.


Russia's sanatoria and old people's homes are trying to reorganise their business, applying for subsidies to take in the wounded and traumatised as a result of the war to replace the active post-Covid rehabilitation programmes, which are no longer attracting clients. In general, domestic tourism in Russia is increasing as a form of reaction to the stress of the war.


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pašinyan has complained about the non-supply by some states of arms purchased by Armenia to defend the 'territories occupied by Azerbaijan', although without specifying which countries they are. However, it is known that the largest supplier of weapons to Yerevan is by far Russia, followed by India for about EUR 260 million.