Heatwave closes thousands of schools across Philippines

Today's news: Three  killed overnight in Gaza as Israeli police arrest dozens after al-Aqsa prayer; In Taiwan over 600 earthquake victims still waiting to be rescued; In India, consumer confidence is at its highest level since 2019; Hundreds of arrests in a joint police operation against child pornography in Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. 


Thousands of schools suspended in-person lessons yesterday due to the heat wave that hit much of the country. At least 5,288 institutions scattered across the archipelago have started distance learning, for a total of over 3.6 million students. March, April and May are typically the hottest and driest months, but conditions are made extreme by the phenomenon known as El Nino.

Israeli artillery hit houses in Gaza City, including the neighborhoods of Zeitoun, Sabra, Tal al-Hawa and Sheikh Ajlin, killing three people and wounding 10. Meanwhile, police arrested 16 people at the end of dawn prayers at the mosque of al-Aqsa for incitement to violence and terrorism. The United States has issued a maximum alert for a "significant" attack by Iran against American or Israeli interests within the next week in response to the raid in Damascus. Finally, two officers held responsible for the attack on the humanitarian convoy in recent days have been fired.

Over 600 people remain stranded and awaiting rescue in Taiwan after the earthquake that hit the island on April 3, causing at least 12 deaths. Rescuers say people are considered safe, but difficult to reach due to landslides and roadblocks. At the moment 12 people are still missing, while the teams continue their searches.

A study by the Reserve Bank of India shows that consumer confidence is at its highest level since mid-2019, with the economy continuing to grow (+7% for 2024-25) and employment. Inflation is still expected to decline from current levels. Finally, capacity utilization in manufacturing increased to 74.7% in October-December 2023 from 74% in the previous quarter.

A joint operation against child pornography and sexual exploitation by police forces in Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore has led to the arrest of 272 people. The suspects, aged between 12 and 73, were arrested between February 26 and March 29. Authorities raided 236 different locations. In Hong Kong, 972 child pornography videos and photos were found contained in hundreds of seized electronic devices.

The Moscow office for ethnic policies, in anticipation of the Id-al Fitr holiday at the end of Ramadan, the date of which will be announced by the ulema council, has appealed to local Muslims to carry out the prayers connected to the holiday at home . The general invitation is to follow the celebrations online, in particular for citizens from Central Asia.

During a scientific expedition in the Kyzylordinsk region of Kazakhstan, scholars found 24 very rare manuscripts and books dating back to the period from the 17th to the 20th century. These include texts on Sharjah and the work Divany Khikmet by the Turkish poet and mystic Akhmet Yasavi in the original Kazakh edition of 1904, as well as copies and Sufi commentaries on the Koran.