Dubai: all set for Quran competition

The tenth session of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award is about to start; it awards those young people who are most well versed with the holy book. There will also be the bestowing of the Islamic Personality of the Year award.

Dubai (AsiaNews/GN) – All is set for the tenth session of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA), a memorization and recitation contest of verses of the Muslims' holy book. The event starts on Ramadan 8 and continues until Ramadan 18, with youth from 81 different countries taking part.

Ibrahim Bu Melha, chairman of the organizing committee, said preparations had been completed for the event, which will also be attended by eminent Islamic scholars from across the world.

Divided into groups of five to six, participants will recite verses every day which will be judged one by one by a panel of judges comprised of five internationally acclaimed Islamic scholars.

The list includes Dr Sami Abdul Fatah Abdulaziz Hasan from Egypt, Dr Salim Bin Gharmallah Al Zahrani from Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Falah Ismail Ahmad Mandkar from Kuwait, Sheikh Abubakar Fofna from Guinea Conakry, Sheikh Mohammed Siddiq Adam Qari from India.

The first part of the event, which will feature religious lectures, starts on 24 September and winds up with the bestowing the prestigious Islamic Personality of the Year Award.

The DIHQA, established in 1998 to help youngsters memorize the Quran and understand the essence of Islam, has so far awarded several eminent personalities, including several lecturers from the al-Azhar University of Cairo.