Palestinian Parliament approves new unity government
With a great majority, deputies approve the formation reached in the wake of the Mecca accord of February 8th last. The population greets the news with enthusiasm in the hope that the block on humanitarian aid will soon be lifted and the economy recover. Israel remains sceptical, will dialogue only with Abu Mazen.

Gaza (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Palestinian today voted in favour of the new Unity Government.  Witha great majority. the parliamentarians gave their seal of approval to the formation of the new cabinet.

Agreement on the executive was reached February 8th last – also thanks to Saudi intervention –the Mecca summit between exponents of Hamas and Fatah, following weeks of violent clashes.  

The Palestinian people and local press greeted news of the vote with joy.  According to daily newspaper Al-Quds, “The Palestinian people, all their leaders, factions and parties, have passed the stage of barbaric fighting and realised a historic and important national achievement”.

Sana al-Masry, 40, a housewife from Khan Yunis in the south of the strip, is in agreement: “We are so happy about the unity government because we don’t want more fighting between Hamas and Fatah. Now we want peace in Palestine”.

However Israel does not seem to share this optimism. Deputy Defence Minister Ephraim Sneh said: “Israel cannot give legitimacy to the Palestinian unity government. To cause the failure of Hamas, we need a moderate Palestinian alternative and for that purpose we must negotiate only with Abu Mazen”.