Vatican: abortion and euthanasia, terrorism with a human face
The secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith highlights the presence, alongside the “abominable” violence of suicide bombers, of the problem of this evil and it’s almost” invisible manifestations”, paradoxically seen presented as “progress” and “good” for society.

Rome (AsiaNews) – Abortion, euthanasia and genetic manipulation, those who “promulgate laws against the human being”, are expressions of “terrorism with a human face”, which added to that “abominable” violence of suicide bombers, manifest the presence of evil in society.  Msgr Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, highlighted this during his address on the theme “The problem of evil.  Theological and philosophical reflections” during the course of a 3 day seminar currently under-way here in Rome, organised by the Vatican’s council for the pastoral care of migrants and itinerant people, which groups together catholic civil aviation chaplains from airports across the world.

“When we read papers, or browse the internet, or turn on our TVs and radios – he said – we are a presented with what could be likened to a perverse film on evil, which is “filmed” each and every day in all four corners of the world, focusing on scenes of an increasingly cruel nature depicting the thousands of daily provocations from international terrorism”. To this daily “ration” of terrorism, other “almost invisible” episodes must be added, “which exist in the most unthinkable places and which paradoxically are presented to us as if they were a form of good, an expression of humanity’s progress”.  For msgr. Amato these places are abortion clinics, “genuine human slaughter houses”; laboratories where drugs such as the Ru 486 – the so called morning after pill- are “produced” – or “where the human embryo is manipulated”: parliaments of the so-called civilized  societies where “anti human laws are promulgated”.  Added to these the satanic sects which practice “an authentic cult of evil sacrilege”.

“Beyond the abominable theatre of suicide bombers, which occupies our daily intake from the media – msgr Amato added – there is the so-called ‘terrorism with the human face’.  It too takes place each and every day and is equally repugnant.  It is subtly promoted by the mass media in social communications, who expertly manipulate every day language, with expression that tragically hide the facts”, such as when abortion is called “voluntary pregnancy termination and not the murder of an innocent human being” or when euthanasia is more blandly called “death with dignity”. Evil today – he added  – “is not just an action carried out by single individuals or identifiable groups, but it comes from obscure sources, from laboratories of false opinions, from anonymous powers who brainwash us with false messages and judge behaviour which adheres to the Gospel as retrograded and ridiculous”.  “Unfortunately – concludes msgr Amato – when cannot close the libraries of evil, neither can we destroy its films which are reproduced like lethal viruses” but we can ask God to “strengthen us through the formation of true conscience which seeks and loves good and avoids evil”.