Over one thousand people march to remember Tiananmen Square
Banners demand the truth behind the tragic repression and the revision of the official verdict on the pro-democracy movement. Fresh condemnation of Ma Lik, the pro-Beijing deputy who offended the victims of the slaughter.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Despite torrential rain, over a thousand people marched yesterday to remember the Tiananmen Square massacre on its 18th anniversary. The march is held each year and precedes by a commemorative vigil for the victims, due to take place on June 4th.


The demonstrators carried banners emblazoned with their requests; that Beijing review its verdict on the June 4th pro-democracy anti-corruption movement, that it publish the real statistics behind the Tiananmen repression and that it condemn Ma Lik, the pro-China who described the slaughter as “an invention”.


Organiser Szeto Wah, said he was pleased with the turnout: “1,500 people took part. We have shown the Chinese leaders clearly that Hongkongers will never forget what they did to the people on June 4th 1989”.


According to the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China – which unites political parties and popular movements– yesterday’s march “raises hopes that many will come to the June 4th vigil and July 1st march”, which aims to ask China for universal suffrage and full democracy.