Two more Christians killed in an attack in Mosul
The victims are two Assyrian men from the National Union of Beth Nahrin. Persecution of Iraqi Christians continues in order to prevent them from taking part in the political process.

Mosul (AsiaNews) – Anti-Christian violence in the predominantly Sunni city of Mosul, in northern Iraq, is not showing any sign that it will end soon. Two Assyrian men were killed yesterday, online Arabic webzine reports. According to the police, Zuhair Youssef Astavo Kermles, 49, and Luay Solomon Numan, 21, from the National Union of Beth Nahrin, were killed in a drive by shooting.

The incident is just another example of the daily attacks, crimes and acts of violence and terror directed at the small Christian community of Mosul.

Chaldean priest, Fr Ragheed Ganni and three subdeacons were also massacred here near his parish church on June 3.

For, which is run Iraqis living abroad, the campaign of persecution that is underway seeks to obliterate Iraq’s Christians. It is the work of cowards “who do not know religion and conscience.” These groups want to prevent Christians from participating in the political process by killing its members or forcing them to emigrate.