Turkey’s sustained growth rate of the past decade has considerably slowed down. Recession appears to be around the corner. The main Turkish trade union confederation notes that the poverty line is three and half times higher than the minimum wage. The country’s foreign adventurism masks its domestic crises.


| 27/11/2020
by Nirmala Carvalho

The decision comes Pope Francis. “For nearly ten years, he has targeted me (personally), the Church and the system,” Archbishop Cornelio said. “[T]his has left deep wounds in the diocese, and now the wounds of division can begin to heal.”

| 27/11/2020

China slapped tariffs of up to 212 per cent on Australian wine. Relations with Australia began to deteriorate after Canberra asked for an international investigation into the origins of COVID-19. Canberra condemns China's “pressure and coercion”. Biden and the European Union are calling for an alliance between democracies against regimes like China’s.

| 27/11/2020
by Sumon Corraya

Mgr Bejoy N. D'Cruze succeeds Card Patrick D’Rozario. The inauguration ceremony was held this morning in the cathedral. The laity are the strength that can lead the diocese and interfaith dialogue.

| 27/11/2020
by Mathias Hariyadi

SOS Papua and 20 other organisations appeal to President Widodo. Military and police operations against rebel groups have displaced tens of thousands of people, Catholics included. The constitution and the rights of the local populations must be respected. Ending hostilities is a priority.

| 27/11/2020
by Shafique Khokhar

Sheeza Maqsood, 16, was converted to Islam at gun point; under threat of death to her family, she had to marry one of the kidnappers, who raped her for a month and a half. NGOs appeal to the government and the police for greater resources to help and defend minorities.

| 27/11/2020

The Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life is launching a campaign to invite young people to spread the "virtual hugs" exchanged with the elderly online with the initiative "The elderly are your grandparents".

| 27/11/2020

The country’s last 832 counties designated as "poor" have been lifted out of this condition. Apparently, the goals set by Xi Jinping have been achieved. However, for critics, the threshold used by the authorities is too low. The gap between cities and countryside is growing; two million more internal migrants are poor. Consumption is falling due to the pandemic. Prime Minister Li Keqiang also expressed doubts.

| 27/11/2020

The capital’s teachers visit their students every three days. Lessons on TV or online for middle and high schools. It is not known whether these measures are also applied outside the city. Zero cases of contagion for the authorities, but the province of Chagang, on the border with China, is in full lockdown.

| 27/11/2020
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Belarusian bishops cite the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church. They point to Pope Francis and his request for those in power to listen to their citizens and guarantee respect for human rights and civil liberties. Russian priests and laity: The violence against the population reminds us of the "bestialities of the Nazi occupiers and the Soviet executioners". Lukashenko compared to Herod in the massacre of the innocents. Signatories of the appeal include singers, journalists, scholars.

| 27/11/2020

The 49-year-old father of six was transferred from the Tel Aviv hospital to the university clinic in Al-Najah in the West Bank. For 103 days, he refused food in protest against his detention. According to B’Tselem, as of August there are about 355 Palestinians held in administrative detention, including two minors.

| 27/11/2020
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Myanmar’s armed forces attacked ethnic militias over the weekend. Fighting was reported yesterday. Despite international sanctions, trade in timber continued in 2021.
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“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”