05/05/2021, 12.32
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8 year-old Christan girl, Jamaika, escapes rape attempt by Muslim neighbour (VIDEO)

by Shafique Khokhar

Attack took place yesterdat in Karachi’s Essa Nagri neighborhood. The little girl managed to free herself by screaming and running away. Neighbours grabbed and beat the attempted rapist. The police were also attacked. 

Karachi (AsiaNews) - An 8-year-old girl, Jamaika, has escaped a rape attempt carried by a Muslim neighbour, Muhammad Amir. The incident took place in the Essa Nagri neighborhood, the area of ​​Karachi with the greatest concentration of Christians.

Yesterday afternoon, at 2.45 pm, Jamaika's father, Aslam Masih (photo 1), received a phone call from his wife Razia informing him of the incident: the little girl had gone to class with her teacher, who later left the child to carry out some commissions. Muhammad Amir, the teacher's brother, seized the opportunity and tried to rape her. The little girl began to shout and scream loudly, so much so that she freed herself and fled.

She herself tells AsiaNews, in the video: “I went to my teacher's house for a lesson. But the teacher was not at home. Meanwhile, my teacher's brother called me into his room and after advising me not to tell anyone anything, he started doing bad things about me. He also took off my panties. I started screaming loudly and then he loosened his grip so I could run away from his house. I was very scared and kept screaming. People on the street saw me and asked me what had happened and I told the whole story”.

After Jamaika recounted how Amir tried to touch parts of her body and "do dirty things", people on the street gathered around her. Ms. Khushid Pervaiz, who lives in the neighbourhood, says that the news immediately spread throughout the neighborhood and in a few minutes’ hundreds of people headed to Muhammad Amir's house, grabbed him and started beating him (photo 2). After a while the police arrived and tried to snatch him from their clutches, but people also beat the policemen, injuring some.

Finally, more policemen arrived who managed to secure Amir by firing shots. Two people from the neighbourhood were injured.

Later, Jamaika was taken to Abasi Shaheed hospital. The doctors examined her and stated that there had been an attempted rape (photo 3). A large crowd from the neighbourhood gathered in front of the hospital. One of the residents of Essa Nagri, Dr. Liaquat Munawar, president of the Mission and Action for Social Services, said at least 4 policemen were injured when people started throwing stones at them in the crowded street. People also continued the protest by blocking traffic and some broke the windows of some passing cars with stones. The doctor is embittered because Amir's family has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years.

Anthony Naveed, a member of the Sindh Province Assembly, moved to have the authorities take this incident to heart and made sure that a complaint was filed against Amer for attempted rape.

Kashif Anthony, a human rights activist and member of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Karachi, said the commission will offer legal support and help to the family. “In this holy month of Ramadan - he commented - people fast but there are bad people who tend to satisfy their bad needs. It's pathetic to hurt such a little girl. We must ask parents to educate their children on how to protect themselves from these monsters”.


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