01/09/2021, 14.35
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Government agency claims ‘Jesus said that killing a cow is like killing a human being'

by Nirmala Carvalho

The “quote” is found in a syllabus designed to prepare for a national cow exam, raising fears that it might trigger violence against Christians, Adivasis, Dalits, and Muslims. Other claims include: earthquakes are caused by slaughtering cattle and Africa is arid because cow dung is no longer used as fuel.

New Delhi (AsiaNews) – The National Kamadhenu[*] Commission (Rastriya Kamdhenu Aayog, RKA), which is responsible for the welfare of the sacred cow and its use for human benefit, issued a syllabus claiming that “Jesus Christ said that killing a cow is like killing a human being”.

The online syllabus is part of a plan the RKA to set up an online exam, to be launched on 25 February, centred on the cow with all sorts of information about the animal. The syllabus contains questions and answers, comments and explanations to help people prepare for the exam.

RKA chairman Vallabhbhai Kathiria explained that the exam is aimed mainly at students, and serves to spark curiosity about the importance of cattle, “raise awareness and educate” on the species’ traits, and learn about “cow science”, which can support the Indian economy, given the size of the stock: 194 million heads.

One section of the syllabus is titled “What famous people said about the cow”. One of the quotes, the one cited above, is attributed to Jesus Christ.

For Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) president Sajan K George, the quote is a “half truth” and “a propaganda operation to polarise society along ethno-religious lines.”

The Jesus quote is not only false (no source is mentioned in the syllabus), but dangerous. “Tribal Christians have been lynched for skinning dead cows,” he explained.

What is more, “cow vigilantes” have targeted Muslims, tribal people and Dalits. “Anyone who eats beef could be crushed by anti-slaughter laws“.

For this reason, the GCIC “calls for the removal of the Jesus quote from the syllabus”, which could drive radical Hindu groups to carry out new killings.

It is clear that the syllabus and the exam are a publicity stunt as evinced by some of the other claims it makes.

In addition to citing the sacred Vedas, the manual claims earthquakes are caused by cow slaughter and that the sacred animal provides benefits to everyone thanks to its milk, ghee (clarified butter), curd, urine and dung.

The syllabus goes on to say that “Even in Africa, cow dung was once used as fuel. Then the (Christian) missionaries arrived and rejected this, urging them to use wood, “and in an instant the continent became arid and without vegetation”.

One chapter praises Indian cattle breeds, whose milk “contains gold” whereas “foreign” cows “show no emotion”.

Last but not least comes the miracle. “In 1984, more than 20,000 people died from a gas leak in Bhopal. People who lived in houses whose walls were lined with cow dung were not affected by the gas.”

[*] Cow Mother, the divine bovine-goddess.

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