Faithful on their knees and fasting to stop the destruction of their church at Wu Gao Zhuang (Hebei) - Video

The appeal to the Churches of the world to support their resistance with prayer. The ruthless implementation of the new regulations on religious activities. The influence of the Sino-Vatican agreement. Churches closed and priests driven out of Jiangxi and Fujian.

Beijing (AsiaNews) - Since this morning at 6 am, faithful and priests of the diocese of Handan (Hebei) have occupied the church of Wu Gao Zhang (Guan Tao district) to stop its demolition decreed by the government. The priests tried to dialogue with the authorities, but it was useless. The faithful have appealed to communities around the world asking for prayers.

Wu Gao Zhang's church is officially recognized. In all likelihood the decision to destroy it is motivated by the fact that it does not have all the necessary permits.

Since the New Regulations on religious activities were launched, the government is making a clean sweep of official and unofficial buildings that do not have all the permits in order, leaving no room for a pardon solution.

According to several faithful, the Sino-Vatican agreement is not the direct cause of this persecution. However, they say that the agreement gives more power to the government authorities, which claim that "the Vatican supports us" and keeps silence on these episodes. According to faithful of the diocese of Handang, the government has decreed the destruction of 40 other churches.

Due to the New Regulations and the registration requirement for priests and bishops in supporting an "independent" Church, many churches in Jiangxi and Fujian are closed and priests who refuse to sign the registration are driven out.

In recent weeks, the churches of Jian and Fizhou have been closed in the Diocese of Yujiang (Jiangxi); in the Diocese of Fuzhou (Fujian) sacred buildings were closed in Fuqin and Changle.