The Constitutional Court confirms the removal of President Park

"She has betrayed the trust of the people and the Constitution." Two pro-Park supporters, were killed during a demonstration in front of the Court. Elections in May.

Seoul (AsiaNews) - The Constitutional Court today confirmed the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye, removing her from the office, after nearly three months of crisis. New presidential election are expected to be held within two months.

Two people died during protests that have taken place for and against the Park. The two victims were injured while taking part in a demonstration against the court's decision. One is a 72 year old man, was found bleeding near the Court building in the early afternoon. The only information known about him was his surname, Kim, he died after being taken to the hospital.

Park was impeached by parliament last December 9. She was accused of letting her friend, Choi Soon-sil, to meddle in state affairs and together with her of having extorted money from companies in exchange for favors. Park is also accused of being negligent in her duties before an incident in 2014 when a ferry sank drowning more than 300 people, mostly young students.

Reading the judgment, Judge Lee Jung-mi said: "The violations of the Constitution and the law by the President are a betrayal of the trust of the people and are serious actions that cannot be tolerated in view of defending the Constitution" .

Park is the first democratically elected Korean president, to be moved from the office. In all likelihood the elections will take place on May 9th. Yesterday, senior representatives of the Catholic Church, Protestant and Buddhist religion have asked the population to accept the Court judgment to "restore peace" in the country after months of division.