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“Believers from every religion should build a world of peace,” says Pakistani bishop

by Qaiser Felix
Inspired by Benedict XVI’s message for World Day of peace, Mgr Joseph Coutts reiterates that wars are a problem for the whole of humanity, requiring a shared response. The prelate calls for prayers in favour of peace and hopes for a greater involvement of the United Nations, the European Union and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference in solving conflicts.
Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – “War and social unrest are a problem that touch the whole of humanity, not any one country or religion. For this reason we must work together to build a world of peace,” said Mgr Joseph Coutts, bishop of Faisalabad, during a press conference (pictured) organised by the diocesan Commissions on Inter-faith Dialogue and Justice and Peace of Faisalabad as well as the World Tolerance Organisation.

Inspired by Benedict XVI’s message on World Day of Peace, the organisers of the event slammed the killing of innocent civilians in conflicts around the world, calling for solidarity with the victims.

 “Peace is a common good,” Bishop Coutts said, “and we have to use each and every possible and peaceful way to escape from confrontation, war and killings.”

In his address the prelate also called for prayers to promote “a culture of peace.”

Fr Bonnie Mendes, a human rights activists, said that “the time has come for believers from every religion to jointly send a message of peace” and that their plea ought to “be heard so that it can bring about truly positive change.”

Catholic leaders also appealed to the United Nations, the European Union and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference to play a greater role in conflict resolution.

Israel’s recent attacks against Palestine were condemned as were wars undertaken by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq and the violence against Christians and Muslims in India.

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