Regional tensions add to internal divisions, further distancing the prospects for an agreement on the election of the head of state. The pro-Iranian Shia movement attacks, but Tehran and Washington do not want a full-scale war. AsiaNews diplomatic source: implementation of UN Resolution 1701 and an internal agreement are essential.

Today's news: Egypt on the Gaza border sets up camps for Palestinian refugees; South Korean trainee doctors resign from their hospital posts; Ukrainian drones hit one of Russia's largest and most modern landing ships; Thailand boosts tourism from abroad with anti-accident insurance policies.

| 16/02/2024
by Angeline Tan

Police are looking into two events: a protest march to Istana with anti-war letters and an online video. Government minister says people are free to protest but without violating the law or creating rifts in society. Many fear incidents.

| 15/02/2024
by Fady Noun

After two years of voluntary exile yesterday, the former premier attended celebrations marking the 19th anniversary of the assassination of his father Rafic. Analysts and observers point to his re-election bid in 2026, but the regional scenario presents new tensions and challenges. A rapprochement with the Saudis and relations with the Christian bloc the decisive factors.

| 15/02/2024

Today's news: protests continue in Pakistan over alleged electoral fraud; Tension between Taiwan and China after a fatal accident involving a Chinese boat; As lessons in South Korea approach, Kim Jong Un increases missile tests; The war against Hamas erodes Israel's economy; Japan, in recession, loses its place as the world's third largest economy to Germany; In Leningrad, all open-air demonstrations are banned, including ecological and sports events.

| 15/02/2024

For Card Sako, the time of fasting and prayer offers a “new horizon" that invites us to let "the Holy Spirit change us from within." The vicar of southern Arabia speaks of a "path" of hope, mercy and forgiveness. The Maronite patriarch asks the faithful to pray for the "divisions, conflicts, hatred" in Lebanon. Mar Younan mentions the "process of repentance through the Holy Spirit.”

| 14/02/2024
by Dario Salvi

The ground operation in the south risks dragging Cairo into the conflict. The Camp David Accords at risk. After 130 days of conflict and a number of dead and wounded exceeding 100,000, the spectre of a new Nakba. Custody of the Holy Land: land operation "final drama" for the Strip. Fr. Romanelli: Rafah "only contact" with foreign countries, Gaza is "a cage".

| 13/02/2024
Editor's choices
by Dario Salvi
The Italian Marco Rodari, known as 'Claun il Pimpa', talks about his bond with the artists of the Strip, a movement that he himself helped to create. Gifting a smile to a child can mean the difference between anger in the moment and hatred in ...
| 21/02/2024
by Mathias Hariyadi
While it will take days before final results are in, the former general is projected to win around 60 per cent of votes. “Indonesians want harmony among their leaders,” he told his supporters.
| 14/02/2024
by Gianni Criveller 柯毅霖
The three recent appointments of bishops indicate a willingness not to break. But the Agreement with the Vatican is never even mentioned by the People's Republic of China. While a "five-year plan" for Catholics has just come into force that cites ...
| 12/02/2024
Founded by PIME missionaries, it is the destination of pilgrimages of hundreds of thousands of faithful. Bishop Raja Rao: "Mary is blessed here even by non-Christians". PIME Superior General Fr. Brambillasca: "Let it be a place where missionary vocations ...
| 11/02/2024
Despite being in prison and excluded from voting, the populist former prime minister overshadowed the election campaign, whose outcome will be decided next Thursday. The UN Human Rights Office is “disturbed” about "harassment, arrests and ...
| 06/02/2024
The 26-year-old Thai Natthaporn Onkeaw was among those kidnapped on 7 October. During his detention he had vowed to become a Buddhist monk if he managed to get out alive. In the country, being ordained as a monk - even temporarily - is increasingly a ...
| 05/02/2024
Francis’s message for World Mission Day 2024, which will be celebrated on 20 October, is centred on the Gospel call to "Go and invite everyone to the banquet.” While the world offers “consumerism, selfish comfort, the accumulation of ...
| 02/02/2024
by Daniele Frison
For Wael Suleiman, the war in Gaza hurts everyone. In Jordan, the war is seen as something “inside our home”. Today, working "for life" is even more important than working for a peace imposed by force. Europe must not go with the flow. Caritas ...
| 01/02/2024
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”