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The auxiliary of Milan, Msgr. Paolo Martinelli, replaces Msgr. Hinder in southern Arabia, who resigned having reached the age of retirement. A breath of vision that "embraces all Christians" and a particular "concern" for Yemen. The "historical" value of the document on Brotherhood, keeping its "memory alive". A "different" migrant Church, but part of "one people".  


On 19-21 November, economists and entrepreneurs under 35 from around the world will meet online. More than 40 countries will be connected, with live streaming from Assisi. Some 2,000 people have registered with at least 12 link-ups to 115 countries, four hours a day plus a 24-hour marathon on the second day, and contributions from more than 20 countries.

| 27/10/2020

The meeting with the president of the German Bishops Conference, in all likelihood touched upon the assembly with "deliberative power" convoked by the Germans to address issues such as the separation of power in the Church, priestly life, women's access to ministry and to offices in the Church and sexual morality.

| 19/09/2019

North Africa is also affected. The water problem compounds food supply problems (primarily wheat) caused by the war in Ukraine. UNICEF ​​notes that the situation will get worse. Long-standing structural problems have compounded the emergency. Risk is highest in Yemen and the Gaza Strip; in the latter, the salinisation of aquifer is becoming a serious issue.

| 24/03/2022

The GCC invites a Houthi delegation to Riyadh to try to reach a lasting ceasefire. "Formal invitations" will be sent shortly. But the rebels seem inclined to decline because of the active role of the Saudis. The humanitarian crisis is worsening: UN agencies sound the alarm: 161,000 people at risk of famine by the end of the year. 


| 16/03/2022

The warning comes from Carmen Reinhart, the World Bank’s senior vice president and chief economist. Soaring food prices could spark unrest similar to what led to the Arab Spring. Egypt halts exports of lentils, pasta, wheat, flour and fava beans for three months.

| 10/03/2022

During the Angelus, the pontiff made an appeal with a “broken heart” in favour of the victims of war in the Ukraine but also in other parts of the world. Noting that “God is with the peacemakers, not with those who use violence,” he stressed the urgent need for “open humanitarian corridors” and reiterated that 2 March, Ash Wednesday, will be a day of fasting and prayer.


| 27/02/2022
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by Dario Salvi
The auxiliary of Milan, Msgr. Paolo Martinelli, replaces Msgr. Hinder in southern Arabia, who resigned having reached the age of retirement. A breath of vision that "embraces all Christians" and a particular "concern" for Yemen. The "historical" ...
| 05/05/2022
by Alessandra De Poli
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| 03/05/2022
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| 03/05/2022
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”