by Dario Salvi | GATEWAY TO THE EAST

Global revenues will fall in 2022 in the armaments sector. The turnaround is not due to a drop in demand but to the difficulty in finding materials. The Middle East is the only region to register growth, driven by Turkey and Israel. Baykar, a company linked to the Turkish leader, marks the highest percentage growth figure in the world, with +94% over 2021.

Today's news: Chinese dissident journalist Sun Lin died at the hands of the police; Pyongyang puts 'Malligyong-1' military spy satellite into orbit, Seoul suspends military agreement with the North; 216 more landings, mostly women and children, of Rohingya Muslims on Indonesian coast; The murderer of Turkish journalist of Armenian origin Hrant Dink, recently released from prison, will face new charges (including terrorism).

| 22/11/2023

Today's news: at least 10 killed in shelling against Indonesian hospital in Gaza, truce negotiated in exchange for release of Hamas hostages; After Apec China resumes military activities along the Taiwan Strait, alert in Taipei; Demonstrations in Pakistan against the deportation of Afghans; Record property purchases in Spain among Russian citizens; Erdogan against Armenia who 'for years' tried to steal 'other people's land'.

| 20/11/2023

Ogün Samast spent just under 17 years in prison. He was a minor at the time of the crime whose motives and principals remain unknown. For the Dink family’s lawyer, his release is a "secret amnesty". For an opposition leader, he “was supposed to stay for life". According to the Human Rights Association, a "murderer" is free.

| 16/11/2023

The man and his wife were returning home after visiting neighbours. The murder took place at 11 pm; the elderly man was hit by five bullets and died in hospital. For some local politicians, a campaign is underway to "frighten, intimidate and drive away Syriacs”.


| 09/11/2023

Added to concerns over the civilian victims of the conflict in the Strip are fears for regional economies. Oil prices and repercussions in the energy sector are being watched. A sharp drop in GDP is expected for the entire MENA region. World Bank: the impact on employment in an area where 300 million young people will be knocking on the door of the labour market by 2050.

| 31/10/2023

Today's news: Ongoing ground battle in Gaza. Bangkok cancels visas for tourists from India and Taiwan; South Korean discount store recalls 53 thousand plastic slippers for toxic chemical substances; Two-year jail terms for four former student leaders at Hong Kong University; Nepal's mountains have lost a third of their glaciers in 30 years; On the Turkish side of Mount Ararat traces of seawater over 5,000 years old, possible evidence of the biblical universal flood; Naval'nyj and political prisoners on hunger strike yesterday on Prisoners of Conscience Day.

| 31/10/2023
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| 15/11/2023
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