Yesterday’s report by the International Crisis Group suggests that Myanmar’s ruling junta wants to hold national elections at any cost to cancel out the pre-coup victory of the National League of Democracy in the November 2020 election. However, it faces a strong and determined grassroots opposition.

After fewer shutdowns during the pandemic, Internet censorship worsened substantially last year in terms of number, duration, and target groups, this according to a report by Access Now. Iran, Myanmar, and Bangladesh are among the top offenders. In India, “security” is given as the main reason with the power to shut down vested in central and state Home Affairs ministries.

| 01/03/2023

Today's headlines: a Pakistani delegation visits Kabul to discuss issue of terrorist attacks; Speculation about a metal ball found in Japan; At least 4 dead in China after a mine collapse; In Papua New Guinea a woman taken hostage on Sunday is released; Bombings between Israel and the Gaza Strip after yesterday's deaths in Nablus; Closer and closer ties between Russia and Belarus.

| 23/02/2023

Except for Singapore, the only country in the region to have imposed sanctions on Russia, most SE Asian countries have not taken sides. The biggest concern is the rising cost of raw material. Several states have maintained relations with Russia, partly because of its propaganda, also relayed by China.

| 22/02/2023

The data from the latest report by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, which does not include anti-regime fighters . More than 15 thousand people are still held in prisons. Violence against women has been reported in some prisons. Shelling continues in Chin State after the militias' territorial gains.

| 21/02/2023

Today's headlines: Beijing announced a 'decisive victory' against the Covid; At least 69 Rohingya land on the beaches of Aceh some people on board died during the crossing; Tokyo launches digital yen programme; Delhi officials after three days concluded inspections at BBC offices; Armenia and Turkey press to 'fully regulate' relations.

| 17/02/2023

According to intelligence documents leaked last month, the military regime has set up a network of spies among anti-regime forces. The reports suggest counterintelligence operations led to the capture of one of the top pro-democracy activists, who was executed last year. Pro-democracy militias also have their own double agents called "watermelons”.

| 16/02/2023
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