Today's news: Covid-19 dismissed, North Korea decorates streets with (fake) flowers to celebrate Kim Il Sung; Recently released Vietnamese political prisoner Phan Kim Khanh denounces labour exploitation in prisons; Tomorrow evening, daylight saving time also strikes in Lebanon; in parks and public places in Russia, civil defence films are broadcast with warnings in case of a nuclear attack; In Uttar Pradesh Hindu radicals prevent Muslims from praying for Ramadan.

by Fady Noun

The battle to elect a new head of state enters a new phase. The Shiite tandem relaunches Frangié's candidature. Behind the scenes, major regional and international actors are moving to find a common candidature. From Bkerké contacts with the various Christian factions to try to find a common name. Waiting for a new convocation of the Chamber.

| 08/03/2023
by Fady Noun

Outgoing Prime Minister Mikati is expected at the Vatican in March to meet Pope Francis. Today, the emigration of young people is '80% Muslim'. The last national census dates back to 1932 and is now outdated. The war of numbers for representation has long since passed the Islamic-Christian balance.

| 03/03/2023

A group of policemen, like private citizens in the past, broke into an institution demanding the payment of their salaries. Behind the assaults was the freezing of current accounts, the economic crisis and the collapse of the local currency, which hit a new low yesterday. It has lost almost 90 per cent of its value since 2019.

| 01/03/2023

Today's headlines: as Pyongyang tests more missiles, Seoul warns of risk of exposure to radioactive materials. In Vietnam, US diplomats prevented from meeting Christian leaders. 150 asylum seekers died in Malaysia in 2022, while on the island of Nauru two migrants sewed their lips shut in protest.

| 24/02/2023
by Fady Noun

The regional phase of the synod on synodality was held in Lebanon from 13 to 18 February. A sort of "spiritual retreat" on the model of Saint Ignatius that dissipated "divisions and tensions" between groups. Identifying the 'priorities' to be dealt with by the Synod of Bishops in Rome. In a final 10-point document the summary of the work.

| 20/02/2023
by Fady Noun

The Latin primate participates in the work of the Synod on Synodality scheduled from 13 to 18 February. The holy city is losing its peaceful heart and its being a reference point for the three great monotheistic religions. The need for the defence of identity borders and the 'difficult' situation of Christians in the region.

| 15/02/2023
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In a joint statement, the Dicasteries of Culture and Integral Human Development condemn the documents from the time of the colonial conquest that were used to justify stripping Indigenous peoples of their lands. During his visit to Canada, Indigenous ...
| 30/03/2023
Appointed recently by Pope Francis, the prelate spoke to AsiaNews about the situation of the local Church, founded by the PIME fathers, “typical of this reality”, i.e. the civil war. Many priests and nuns are among the internally displaced ...
| 30/03/2023
by Santosh Digal
FABC President Card Bo has challenged the removal of the programme director of the continental Catholic broadcaster by the Philippine Church body that runs the station. However, the real row is over moving its operations from the Philippines to Thailand ...
| 29/03/2023
The retired Philippine supreme court justice spoke at a conference at the Gregorian University in Rome, noting that China’s claims in the Southeast Asia are incompatible with the High Seas Treaty and will have a negative impact on international ...
| 27/03/2023
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”