by Fady Noun | LEBANON – IRAN

Iran’s president and foreign minister who died in a helicopter crash were among those responsible for Lebanon’s paralysis. In Beirut many believe that their death will not have any impact on the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel on the country’s southern border, nor on its presidential election. Things could be different if the incident was deliberate.

Today's news: three civilians killed in an Israeli raid in southern Lebanon, in Gaza the attack on the UN school exceeds 20 dead; Talks between Palestinian factions on 20 and 21 July in China; High North Korean official in Cuba defects and flees to South Korea; Bangkok court postpones extradition hearing in Vietnam for activist Montagnard Y Quynh Bdap.

| 16/07/2024
by Fady Noun

Iran’s supreme leader and Revolutionary Guards set the limits of foreign and regional policy. Lebanon’s main resistance group, Hezbollah, is linked to the Guards. However, for analyst Haddad, “Hamas accepted the ceasefire in Gaza with the approval of the Iranians.” Choosing a reformist, opens the door to dialogue in a “different atmosphere”.

| 10/07/2024

Yesterday more than 200 rocket attacks from Lebanese territory across the border in response to the killing of a movement official. About 95,000 people in Lebanon and 60,000 in Israel have been displaced for nine months. 8,700 hectares burned in northern Israel, about 4,000 in the Land of the Cedars. Fear of a large-scale conflict with "catastrophic" effects.

| 05/07/2024
by Fady Noun

The Vatican Secretary of State is on a five-day visit in the Mideast country at the invitation of the president of the Lebanese Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Yesterday, at the Mass for the feast of Saint John the Baptist, he renewed the appeal to fill the void of this Christian voice “that would undoubtedly make a difference” even amid the winds of war blowing dangerously in the region. The Church continues to play a key role in assisting the needy.

| 25/06/2024
by Fady Noun

The US envoy met with Israeli and Lebanese officials in an attempt to ease tensions. The IDF strikes southern Lebanon, while preparing attack plans. US President Biden is worried about a widening conflict. Israeli overflight of Lebanon’s airspace and the disputed Shebaa Farms and the hills area near Kfarchouba are unresolved issues in the negotiations between Israel and Lebanon.

| 19/06/2024

Israeli planes killed a Hezbollah commander and three fighters overnight. The Shia group responded firing scores of rockets towards the Golan and Tiberias. Meanwhile, in an ecumenical ceremony held in Bkerké, Fr Michel Jalakh became bishop; he is the first Maronite to hold the post of secretary general of the Dicastery of Oriental Churches, an important role in the Vatican. Despite being at loggerheads with Patriarch al-Rahi, Hezbollah praises the new Lebanese prelate.

| 12/06/2024
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