Today's news: Vientiane aims to build one of the largest 'wind farms' in the region; India heart of global aviation industry by 2040; Bangkok wants to pass a law this year that will only allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes; South Korea sends military personnel to hospitals amid young doctors' strike.

Today's news: Two of the three hostages featured in the Hamas video dead; North Korean hackers share clandestine money laundering networks with fraudsters and traffickers in Southeast Asia; An Iranian court handed down an additional 15-month sentence to Nobel Peace Prize winner Narges Mohammadi; Tajikistan and Uzbekistan 'do not recognise' the outcome of the vote in Taiwan.

| 16/01/2024

Today's news: despite pro-life propaganda  record number of women resorting to sterilisation in Russia; Vietnamese court sentences two former ministers to prison for corruption; At least two dead and 12 injured in an explosion in Kabul, the third in a few days; In Thailand the Israeli embassy launches campaign to remember hostages in the hands of Hamas in Gaza.

| 13/01/2024

Syrian Orthodox Mar Maurice Amsih accuses the "occupation forces" of targeting an "innocent" community. In the raids of the last few days, he accuses, at least 10 civilians have died, dozens have been wounded and there has been serious material damage. Turkish Defence Minister confirms cross-border operations to kill soldiers. Sdf: in 2023 almost 800 attacks by Ankara's army.


| 03/01/2024
by Fady Noun

The elimination of IRGC General Razi Mousavi in Syria is a new step in an increasingly regional conflict. The departure of Russian troops from Syria has left a vacuum that gives Iran “room for manoeuvre”. Lebanese civilians are fleeing the south, especially Christian villages. For many, Christmas Mass was but the calm before the storm.

| 28/12/2023

Today's news: Israeli raid in Damascus kills Iranian general Mousavi. Russian dissident Aleksej Naval'nyj has been tracked down, secretly moved to a camp for lifers. Eighteen dead in Indonesia nickel smelter fire, President Widodo calls for more security. Malaysia at risk of flooding, as in 2014: displaced 25,000 people.

| 26/12/2023
by Mons. Samir Nassar *

The Maronite prelate Msgr. Nassar emphasises that for 12 years the Syrian population has been living "in a situation of incessant danger". The vain wait for peace broken by conflict, poverty, pandemic and earthquake. Without the new generations 'the Church loses its foundation and has no future' like the rest of the country. The Wfp will suspend its food aid programme from January.

| 07/12/2023
Editor's choices
by Dario Salvi
The 2024 Niwano Peace Prize, the “Nobel Prize for Religions" was given to a Sufi Muslim, who teaches at the American University in Washington, for his "holistic contribution to the cause of peace”. After the Hamas attack sparked Israel's ...
| 27/02/2024
An image of Christ on the cross painted in Stanley Prison by the Catholic businessman on trial under the National Security Act is on display at the Catholic University of Washington. Meanwhile Agnes Chow from Canada recounts her imprisonment in Hong ...
| 27/02/2024
by Santosh Digal
The archbishop of Goa was elected today in Bangkok by the heads of the continent's Bishops' Conferences. Next January he will become the third Indian to head the collegial body, taking over from Card Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, who led the organisation ...
| 22/02/2024
by Dario Salvi
The Italian Marco Rodari, known as 'Claun il Pimpa', talks about his bond with the artists of the Strip, a movement that he himself helped to create. Gifting a smile to a child can mean the difference between anger in the moment and hatred in ...
| 21/02/2024
by Mathias Hariyadi
While it will take days before final results are in, the former general is projected to win around 60 per cent of votes. “Indonesians want harmony among their leaders,” he told his supporters.
| 14/02/2024
by Gianni Criveller 柯毅霖
The three recent appointments of bishops indicate a willingness not to break. But the Agreement with the Vatican is never even mentioned by the People's Republic of China. While a "five-year plan" for Catholics has just come into force that cites ...
| 12/02/2024
Founded by PIME missionaries, it is the destination of pilgrimages of hundreds of thousands of faithful. Bishop Raja Rao: "Mary is blessed here even by non-Christians". PIME Superior General Fr. Brambillasca: "Let it be a place where missionary vocations ...
| 11/02/2024
Despite being in prison and excluded from voting, the populist former prime minister overshadowed the election campaign, whose outcome will be decided next Thursday. The UN Human Rights Office is “disturbed” about "harassment, arrests and ...
| 06/02/2024
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”