Today's news: pro-Russian oligarch and 'philanthropist' Ruben Vardanyan arrested, over 50,000 Armenians fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh; Singapore climbs two places and now fifth in the world on the Global Innovation Index; Over 56 thousand schools closed in Pakistan's Punjab due to an escalation of conjunctivitis cases; North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un wants a fleet of submarines.

Today's headlines: Emirates, maxi seizure of 13 tonnes of Captagon worth over a billion dollars; A 10-year-old boy in Hong Kong arrested for armed robbery, luxury watches worth nearly 650,000 euros in the loot; Tharman Shanmugaratnam sworn in as Singapore's ninth president; Border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan reopened, but tension remains between the parties; Lavrov: 'Russia and China withdraw from UN sanctions on Pyongyang over nuclear programme'.

| 15/09/2023
by Vladimir Rozanskij

In Dushanbe, transport ministers are discussing an agreement to facilitate the overland movement of goods and people. But border disputes and conflicting interests between individual countries make this path fraught with obstacles. The major project of a China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan corridor competes with the East-West lines through Kazakhstan.

| 14/09/2023
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The denunciation of 200 activists from the five countries of the region gathered in Almaty thirty years after the independence of the ex-Soviet republics. In the face of the heavy economic crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the social consequences of climate change, repression against any critical voice of governments is growing.

| 04/09/2023

Today's headlines: students arrested for attempted assault on Japanese embassy in Seoul released, further investigation under consideration; Attempts at rapprochement, and border agreement, between Xi and Modi at BRICS summit; Vietnamese youth traffickedin Laos under pretext of jobs; 22-year-old ex-soldier tours Taiwan island for a month warning of imminent risk of war with China; The flight of Russians over war in Ukraine reaches record numbers, more than a million in one year.

| 26/08/2023

Today's headlines: Xi Jinping's BRICS summit kicks off in Johannesburg, Putin joins remotely; Israeli security forces killed a 17-year-old Palestinian boy; Philippines and Australia conduct a joint military exercise in the South China Sea to counter Beijing; Pakistani prime minister visits Jaranwala's Christians where churches and homes of over 200,000 damaged; Taipei calls political foul over Chinese customs block mango on its imports.

| 22/08/2023
by Stefano Caprio

In Putin's mind, the flight of the Americans from the Afghan capital triggered the spring of the 'great revenge'. Russia now regularly invites Kabul's representatives to Moscow for consultations, despite the fact that the Taliban are still considered an unwelcome 'terrorist organisation'. And the other former Soviet countries are also in solidarity with the Kremlin in officially condemning the Afghan government, at the same time considering it a necessary partner.

| 19/08/2023
Editor's choices
by Gianni Criveller
Father Gianni Criveller, a missionary who carried out his ministry for years in Greater China, is the new editor-in-chief of AsiaNews. In greeting readers, he writes that, while taking on a “precious legacy and demanding responsibility”, ...
| 01/10/2023
A Human Rights Watch report highlights the conditions young workers face scrapping ships, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Scrapping yards employ children as young as 13, violating international standards, polluting the sea, and covering ...
| 28/09/2023
Jailed on 31 December 2020, Lai will go on trial under the national security law on 18 December after repeated postponements. His son Sebastian is concerned about his health. A group of 67 human rights organisations write to Biden asking him to bar Hong ...
| 26/09/2023
by Santosh Digal
According to Philippine government estimates, by 2023 the number of migrants working abroad will reach 2 million. The Church remembers their sacrifices and envisages the creation of a personal prelature for their pastoral care in the world. Along with ...
| 25/09/2023
Bishop Yang Yongqiang of Zhouchun and Yao Shun of Jining are on the list of members released today a couple of weeks before the synod opens. They were picked by the local Church in agreement with the authorities and appointed by Pope Francis. ...
| 21/09/2023
by Dario Salvi
The cardinal relects on the the tumultuous weeks since the withdrawal of the presidential decree under pressure from self-styled leaders (in the pay of Tehran). A  "more subtle" threat hangs over the community, but with the same logic as Isis: drive ...
| 19/09/2023
by Alessandra De Poli
In August, the UN Food and Agriculture Agency reported a 9.8 per cent price hike over July despite an overall drop in food prices. Rice is vulnerable to extreme climate events, like those that devastated Pakistan and China last year, but the recent increase ...
| 12/09/2023
The archbishop of Bologna continues the mission entrusted to him by Pope Francis. If, as some media reports suggest, he will meet Premier Li Qiang, this will be the first high-level meeting between a top Church official and the head of government of ...
| 12/09/2023
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”