In January, the arrest of the director of the national agency in charge of vehicle registration created a ripple effect. Half of the registration centers in Ho Chi Min City are now operational, with workers forced to work longer hours and drivers standing in line for days before they can legally drive.

Today's headlines: as Pyongyang tests more missiles, Seoul warns of risk of exposure to radioactive materials. In Vietnam, US diplomats prevented from meeting Christian leaders. 150 asylum seekers died in Malaysia in 2022, while on the island of Nauru two migrants sewed their lips shut in protest.

| 24/02/2023

On 19-21 November, economists and entrepreneurs under 35 from around the world will meet online. More than 40 countries will be connected, with live streaming from Assisi. Some 2,000 people have registered with at least 12 link-ups to 115 countries, four hours a day plus a 24-hour marathon on the second day, and contributions from more than 20 countries.

| 27/10/2020

The meeting with the president of the German Bishops Conference, in all likelihood touched upon the assembly with "deliberative power" convoked by the Germans to address issues such as the separation of power in the Church, priestly life, women's access to ministry and to offices in the Church and sexual morality.

| 19/09/2019

Except for Singapore, the only country in the region to have imposed sanctions on Russia, most SE Asian countries have not taken sides. The biggest concern is the rising cost of raw material. Several states have maintained relations with Russia, partly because of its propaganda, also relayed by China.

| 22/02/2023

Bishop Peter Lee Ki-Heon, chairman of the Commission for Reconciliation, led a delegation to the Diocese of Lang Son-Cao Bang. Some 350,000 South Korean soldiers fought alongside US troops in the Vietnam War. This week, a court in Seoul awarded compensation to a Vietnamese woman wounded in a 1968 operation in which 70 civilians were killed.

| 10/02/2023

A year after Dang Dinh Bach was convicted for "tax evasion", environmental groups want G7 countries, with which Vietnam signed a decarbonisation agreement, to press for the activist’s release. In 2022, Nguy Thi Khanh, who had worked with local authorities to promote the ecological transition, was also arrested.

| 25/01/2023
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by Sumon Corraya
Today is World Day for the fight against a disease that still causes 100 deaths a day in Bangladesh. The testimony of a Missionary of the Immaculate, a doctor, active for 12 years in Khulna on this frontier: "Many still do not know TB and arrive when ...
| 24/03/2023
Back in 2015, more than 75 per cent of Asia lacked was water insecure. Water insecurity affects mainly China, South Asia and the urban areas of Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Asia represents about half of the global bottled water market, a factor that discourages ...
| 22/03/2023
by mons. Michel Sabbah *
In Nazareth, the Latin Patriarchate celebrated the pastor emeritus, whom John Paul II chose as the first Arab leader of this community. His message: 'I ask God for new eyes that see God and man, see lost peace and know that security exists only ...
| 20/03/2023
This is the government's likely response to the effects of the rapidly aging population on the welfare system. Survey: 74% of respondents want retirement under 55; only 6% accept it over 61. Reform to raise the retirement age to 65 under consideration: ...
| 18/03/2023
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to send all asylum seekers crossing the English Channel to Rwanda. At least 250 girls from a Kabul school have moved to Kigali via Doha after the Taliban came back to power in August 2021. Rwanda’s government ...
| 15/03/2023
by Giorgio Bernardelli
The text was officially made public today. It contains the reflections of Asian Bishops' Conferences brought to the assembly held last October in the Thai capital. Nine emerging challenges have been identified in Asian societies, from the role of ...
| 15/03/2023
by Dario Salvi
The Vicar of Anatolia recounts a situation "still in full emergency" and with a strong psychological impact. The earth continues to tremble and the toll - between Syria and Turkey - has exceeded 55,000 dead. The work of Caritas in cooperation with the ...
| 15/03/2023
From Korea to Kazakhstan, from the victims of Typhoon Yolanda to the Rohingya, from Mother Teresa to Matteo Ricci, Pope Francis has paid constant attention to Asia over the past ten years. On the tenth anniversary of his election we present ten excerpts ...
| 12/03/2023
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”