South Korea


Today's headlines: 35 die in incident at a Hindu temple in Indore; In limited victory for Tehran The Hague deems US asset freeze of Iranian companies partially 'illegal'; Water crisis hits South Korea; Cambodian opposition leader appeals against conviction; Pyongyang launches campaign against divorce; Taliban delegation in Tajikistan to discuss borders.

by Guido Alberto Casanova

The South Korean government plans to revise labour legislation that reduced maximum weekly working hours from 68 to 52. Employees will now also be able to turn overtime into more vacation time. Opposition parties and the country’s main trade unions are against the proposed reform.

| 08/03/2023
by Guido Alberto Casanova

A victims’ foundation will be set up to which South Korean companies that received compensation can make donations. The issue has fuelled political tensions and trade frictions between the two countries in recent years. South Korea’s President Yoon wants to turn the page to boost cooperation with Japan against North Korea’s threats.

| 06/03/2023
by Guido Alberto Casanova

Despite a court decision, some residents in the conservative city oppose the mosque; to prove their point, they held a “pork party” and someone placed a pig’s head in front of the building site. Previously, the arrival of Afghan and Yemeni refugees proved contentious as well. This side of the country conveys a very different image than the one propagated by K-pop.

| 02/03/2023
by card. Lazzaro You Heung-sik *

The Prefect of the dicastery for the Clergy, former bishop of Daejeon, the first Korean in a position of leadership in the Roman Curia recounts his encounter with Christianity as well as the mission and challenges facing priests today. In the preface, Pope Francis writes: "We need to listen to the bold witness of the Churches of the East."

| 01/03/2023

Today's headlines: as Pyongyang tests more missiles, Seoul warns of risk of exposure to radioactive materials. In Vietnam, US diplomats prevented from meeting Christian leaders. 150 asylum seekers died in Malaysia in 2022, while on the island of Nauru two migrants sewed their lips shut in protest.

| 24/02/2023

South Korea's Education Ministry plans to provide every pupil with digital tools customised every learning level to better study maths, English, and information technologies. After the first phase, the authorities will decide whether to extend it to other subjects.

| 23/02/2023
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In a joint statement, the Dicasteries of Culture and Integral Human Development condemn the documents from the time of the colonial conquest that were used to justify stripping Indigenous peoples of their lands. During his visit to Canada, Indigenous ...
| 30/03/2023
Appointed recently by Pope Francis, the prelate spoke to AsiaNews about the situation of the local Church, founded by the PIME fathers, “typical of this reality”, i.e. the civil war. Many priests and nuns are among the internally displaced ...
| 30/03/2023
by Santosh Digal
FABC President Card Bo has challenged the removal of the programme director of the continental Catholic broadcaster by the Philippine Church body that runs the station. However, the real row is over moving its operations from the Philippines to Thailand ...
| 29/03/2023
The retired Philippine supreme court justice spoke at a conference at the Gregorian University in Rome, noting that China’s claims in the Southeast Asia are incompatible with the High Seas Treaty and will have a negative impact on international ...
| 27/03/2023
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”