Japan’s Immigration Services Agency has released a handbook that lays out  very strict criteria for status recognition. In 2021, Japan accepted 74 applications out of more than 2,000, a record for the East Asian country. Amnesty International slams indefinite detention of asylum seekers.

Today's news: Hong Kong jails three activists who organised Tiananmen vigils while releasing Elizabeth Tang on bail; Thai authorities issue a pollution alert; Japan remembers the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on the 12th anniversary of the accident; Indian police arrest three people in connection with the death of a Muslim man, lynched for allegedly transporting beef.

| 11/03/2023

Today's headlines: 23-year-old Palestinian man injures three people in Tel Aviv, killed by police; The Taliban governor of Afghanistan's Balkh province dies in an Isis attack; Cambodian authorities arrest and reduce to a lay state a monk over suspected links to the opposition; South Korean president expected in Tokyo, first visit by a Seoul head of state in 12 years.

| 10/03/2023

Beijing's defence budget reached USD 225 billion. Taiwan responds with a 13.9% year-on-year increase. Japan will double its outlay in five years. Vietnam and Indonesia are not standing idly by. India a danger for China. Australia close to buying nuclear submarines from Washington.

| 09/03/2023

Today's headlines: emergency landing in Nepal for a Shree Airlines plane; for Women's Day, the Pyongyang regime calls for more children for the army; three more Palestinian victims today in the West Bank from an Israeli raid. More than 14,000 Protestant Christians attend Spring Love Festival in Vietnam; more and more Japanese companies leave Russia.

| 09/03/2023

Today's headlines: for the UN, the Taliban's treatment of Afghan women is tantamount to 'crimes against humanity'; the Philippine Catholic Educators Association condemns the practice of 'hazing' after a suspicious death at a university. Tehran confirms its hard line on transgressions of the Islamic 'dress code'; in 2022, new births in Japan fell below 800,000 for the first time.

| 07/03/2023
by Guido Alberto Casanova

A victims’ foundation will be set up to which South Korean companies that received compensation can make donations. The issue has fuelled political tensions and trade frictions between the two countries in recent years. South Korea’s President Yoon wants to turn the page to boost cooperation with Japan against North Korea’s threats.

| 06/03/2023
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