Today's headlines: Devastating fire destroys hundreds of stalls in Dhaka market; Kerala closes schools, offices and stops public transport to counter the spread of the Nipah virus; Hong Kong police indict 38-year-old for importing children's books praising 2019 protests; Netanyahu clashes over Palestinian prisoners: Ben Gvir 'freezes' support for government; Indonesia's first high-speed train operating in October, linking Jakarta to Bandung.

Today's headlines: Iran sets record with 142 executions in May, at least 307 since start of year; Japan launches "special bonds" to finance child care plans; Annual inflation in Pakistan hits 38 percent, highest figure among South Asian countries; Jakarta offers  "golden visa" to attract talent from around the world; Bangladesh looks to Qatar for liquefied natural gas supply; A new church for the Russian Orthodox community in Manama.

| 02/06/2023

The Shura Council 'unanimously' repealed the controversial Article 353 of the Penal Code. It allowed rapists to avoid jail time by marrying the victim. For the Minister of Justice now 'they will not escape just punishment'. The rules must be updated 'as societies and cultures evolve'.

| 24/05/2023

Rising crude oil prices, linked to production cuts by the OPEC+ countries, had an impact. In Saudi Arabia, growth should drop to 3.2 per cent in 2023, down from 8.7 per cent last year. The UAE’s growth should also decline from 7.6 per cent to 3.7 per cent. Inflation also weighs in.

| 26/04/2023

Today's headlines: Bahrain convict three Shiites for discussing Islam on YouTube; In Pakistan, 12 people died in a stampede during charity donations; In India, a Hindu procession set fire to a mosque; Human Rights Watch calls on Bangladesh not to proceed with repatriation of Rohingya to Myanmar; Wagner mercenaries assisted by the pro-Russian government of Burkina Faso.

| 01/04/2023
by Dario Salvi

Sultan Al Remeithi, former Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Elders, recounts the pontificate from an Islamic perspective. The signing of the document on 'Fraternity', the affirmation of the values of Christianity against materialism, the trips to Muslim countries 'transcend dialogue'. The 'challenges' to be faced and the 'voice of reason' against extremism and terrorism.

| 13/03/2023
by Dario Salvi

Speaking to AsiaNews Fr. Aldo Berardi, appointed Jan. 28 as vicar of the North, confesses his "surprise" at the choice, combined with the "awareness" of operating in a territory he knows. His years of mission in Bahrain and visits to the region. Respect for Christian rites, cultures and traditions. Pope Francis' recent apostolic trip was a "historic" occasion to bring together the faithful from across the vicariate. 

| 31/01/2023
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Bishop Yang Yongqiang of Zhouchun and Yao Shun of Jining are on the list of members released today a couple of weeks before the synod opens. They were picked by the local Church in agreement with the authorities and appointed by Pope Francis.
| 21/09/2023
by Dario Salvi
The cardinal relects on the the tumultuous weeks since the withdrawal of the presidential decree under pressure from self-styled leaders (in the pay of Tehran). A  "more subtle" threat hangs over the community, but with the same logic as Isis: drive ...
| 19/09/2023
by Alessandra De Poli
In August, the UN Food and Agriculture Agency reported a 9.8 per cent price hike over July despite an overall drop in food prices. Rice is vulnerable to extreme climate events, like those that devastated Pakistan and China last year, but the recent increase ...
| 12/09/2023
The archbishop of Bologna continues the mission entrusted to him by Pope Francis. If, as some media reports suggest, he will meet Premier Li Qiang, this will be the first high-level meeting between a top Church official and the head of government of ...
| 12/09/2023
During Biden's visit, Vietnam announced a historic strategic partnership with the United States almost 50 years after the Vietnam War. Since 2017, many big tech companies have left China in favour of its communist neighbour in Southeast Asia, investing ...
| 11/09/2023
by Andrea Lembo *
At the funeral of the auxiliary bishop of Tokyo, the PIME missionary, who replaced him at the helm of the Shinsei Kaikan Catholic Cultural Centre, remembered the prelate who loved to refer to God through the typically Japanese image of hot spring water. ...
| 06/09/2023
On the same day that Pope Francis praised Mongolian culture and traditions, the authorities in China’s Inner Mongolia region, where a fifth of the population is Mongolian, described them as “historical nihilism” in the name of sinicisation. ...
| 05/09/2023
by Gianni Criveller *
Fr. Gianni Criveller, PIME missionary and sinologist, comments on the words addressed by the pope yesterday to the Chinese people from Mongolia, with Card. Tong and Cardinal-designate Chow. "There is no contradiction between being good Christians and ...
| 04/09/2023
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”