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Last year, more than 18,000 foreign workers were expelled, including 11,000 men and more than 7,000 women. The government wants to encourage domestic employment in a country where the ratio of migrants to locals is 70:30. Dependence on oil and the lack of reform efforts. The role of women in a perspective of growth and freedom. 


On 19-21 November, economists and entrepreneurs under 35 from around the world will meet online. More than 40 countries will be connected, with live streaming from Assisi. Some 2,000 people have registered with at least 12 link-ups to 115 countries, four hours a day plus a 24-hour marathon on the second day, and contributions from more than 20 countries.

| 27/10/2020

The meeting with the president of the German Bishops Conference, in all likelihood touched upon the assembly with "deliberative power" convoked by the Germans to address issues such as the separation of power in the Church, priestly life, women's access to ministry and to offices in the Church and sexual morality.

| 19/09/2019

In his address to the diplomats representing 183 States accredited to the Holy See, Francis stressed the need to tackle issues such as vaccines for all and openness to those who are forced to leave their country, as well as the main crisis hotspots, from Syria and Afghanistan to the Ukraine and Myanmar.

| 10/01/2022

"The journey of life and faith demands a deep desire and inner zeal. We need it as Church". "It is also one of the tasks of the Synod: to walk together in listening, so that the Spirit may suggest new ways, ways to bring the Gospel to the hearts of those who are indifferent, distant, of those who have lost hope but seek what the Magi found, 'a most great joy' (Mt 2:10)".


| 06/01/2022

Francis' message for World Mission Day revolves around "three key phrases that synthesize the three foundations of the life and mission of every disciple: “You shall be my witnesses”, “to the ends of the earth” and “you shall receive the power of the Holy Spirit”. "In evangelization, then, the example of a Christian life and the proclamation of Christ are inseparable. One is at the service of the other. They are the two lungs with which any community must breathe, if it is to be missionary.."

| 06/01/2022

Make room for the God who "does not remain in His blissful eternity and in His infinite light, but makes himself close, becomes flesh, descends into the darkness, inhabits lands alien to him". "Let each one of us be concrete and respond to this. 'Yes, yes, I would like Jesus to come but like this, that I do not have to touch him;  this, no, and this yes...'. Everyone has his own sin - let us call it by name. And He is not afraid of our sins: He came to heal us. At least let us let Him see it, let Him see the sin".



| 02/01/2022
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The Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre - Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, who lived in Hong Kong for eight years - has released a testimony in defence of the 90-year-old bishop emeritus whose trial ...
| 23/09/2022
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Adopted by the state’s lower house in December, the legislation allows anyone to file a complaint of forced conversion with the burden of proof of good faith on the convert. Conversions now must go through a long bureaucratic process provided no ...
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In Uttar Pradesh, a judge rejected a petition by a committee representing Muslims demanding exclusive use of the place of worship. Those who began the legal case greeted the outcome with songs and dances. Now some fear that the dispute could turn into ...
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The Vatican delegation and Chinese authorities met in a city with no official bishop since 2005. Archbishop Celli was able to meet 92-year-old underground Bishop Melchior Shi Hongzhen. Meanwhile, a report to the National Assembly of Chinese Catholic ...
| 11/09/2022
A report by ESCAP shows that employment has not followed GPD growth in the last 15 years. The number of working poor is also on the rise. In Asia, vulnerable workers are at risk of poverty due to high medical bills. The aging of the population is the ...
| 07/09/2022
Sotheara Chhim, 54, himself a survivor of the Maoist regime’s genocide, has been treating people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for years. Other recipients of the Ramon Magsaysay Award include a Philippine doctor, a French environmentalist, ...
| 31/08/2022
by Shafique Khokhar
Tragic tales emerge from “God Save Us”, a village in Sindh province home to 45 Christian families. Local homes and livestock have been swept away even though it is located a kilometre from the Sindh River. In total, 70 per cent of Pakistan ...
| 30/08/2022
Mostly unmarried women under 30. Lured with the prospect of employment, they end up in prostitution. Exploitation also affects other nations in the area, from Thailand to Vietnam. A business volume of millions for unscrupulous traffickers.  ...
| 27/08/2022
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”