East Timor


The symbolic images of the papal visit in September to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and Singapore were released today. The mottos call for fraternity, prayer, and outreach to local cultures, but also closeness to persecuted Christians in the region.

by Steve Suwannarat

The military-ruled Southeast Asian country clashes with one of the few countries in the region that is openly critical after its democracy was crushed. This is a challenge for ASEAN as well, as the bloc has failed so far to propose real solutions to Myanmar’s civil war. Now East Timor is reconsidering its bid to join the regional body.

| 28/08/2023

Today's headlines:  Two weeks of strikes in South Korea; Chinese director-general Qu Dongyu re-elected at FAO; In Myanmar the number of displaced people rises to 1.8 million; In East Timor, independence hero Xanana Gusmao confirmed as new head of state; Heavy rains hit Japan; Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov attacks Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.

| 03/07/2023

The party led by Xanana Gusmão won over 40% of the vote and needs only one more seat to form a government. Observers hope that this victory will put the former Portuguese colony on the road to development. The first task of the new executive will be to work on economic diversification.

| 23/05/2023
by Mathias Hariyadi

The meeting of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations opens today until Thursday. Indonesian President Jokowi proposes a " forum for dialogue " to end violence in Myanmar (ex-Burma), which "harms innocent people". Indonesian and Singaporean diplomats fired upon in Shan State are unharmed.

| 09/05/2023

In a report by a Dutch weekly, two men accuse the prelate of sexual abuse in the 1990s when they were underage. In November 2002 Bishop Ximenes Belo, then 54, suddenly resigned for health reasons and left the country. The paper’s investigation was brought to the attention of the competent dicasteries in the Vatican, this according to the nunciature in Timor-Leste.

| 29/09/2022

During the ceremony, the Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State met with President Ramos-Horta. In his address, he praised parliament for adding the Declaration on Human Fraternity signed by Pope Francis and Grand Imam al Tayeb to the school curriculum.

| 22/09/2022
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| 08/06/2024
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| 01/06/2024
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”