Today's news: Covid-19 dismissed, North Korea decorates streets with (fake) flowers to celebrate Kim Il Sung; Recently released Vietnamese political prisoner Phan Kim Khanh denounces labour exploitation in prisons; Tomorrow evening, daylight saving time also strikes in Lebanon; in parks and public places in Russia, civil defence films are broadcast with warnings in case of a nuclear attack; In Uttar Pradesh Hindu radicals prevent Muslims from praying for Ramadan.

Today's headlines: Chinese tourists return to Thailand's beaches after three years of Covid closures; the Taliban have arrested five people, including two Chinese, for trafficking in rocks containing lithium; Dubai is ready to build the first mosque with a 3D printer; a meeting between Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders on the Lačin corridor is under consideration.


| 23/01/2023
by Vladimir Rozanskij

He is minister of the Armenian separatist enclave in Azerbaijani territory. Critic of the premier of Yerevan, Nikol Pašinyan. He wants a broader mandate for Russian peacekeeping troops. According to Baku, his are 'fantasies and illusions'. According to Azerbaijan, Putin's soldiers can stay until 2025 at the latest.

| 17/01/2023
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The peacekeeping contingent of the Russians is unable to avoid clashes between Yerevan and Baku over the pro-Armenian separatist region. Moscow would like to replace Armenian PM Pašinyan with its own oligarch. The Kremlin seems increasingly weak in the Caucasus, an effect of the war in Ukraine.

| 12/01/2023
by Vladimir Rozanskij

It is the only transport artery linking Armenia and the pro-Armenian enclave on Azerbaijani territory. Baku claims that the blockade is carried out by ecological groups. Yerevan calls for the intervention of Russian peacekeeping troops. Armenians appeal to the UN international court.

| 09/01/2023

Today's headlines: Jakarta has approved a plan to develop a gas field in the South China Sea; Seoul launches a new army division to counter Pyongyang's atomic bomb; Dubai cuts 30% tax on alcohol to boost tourism; Isis claims attack against Taliban forces in Kabul; Russia's former chief rabbi calls on Jews to leave the country.

| 03/01/2023

For more than a week, Azerbaijan has shut down a road that is the only link between Armenia and the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh, preventing thousands of Armenians from rejoining their families or receiving food and medical care. Pope Francis mentioned the issue in yesterday’s Angelus. For Catholicos Karekin II of the Armenians, “Mere words of condemnation will not be enough”.

| 19/12/2022
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In a joint statement, the Dicasteries of Culture and Integral Human Development condemn the documents from the time of the colonial conquest that were used to justify stripping Indigenous peoples of their lands. During his visit to Canada, Indigenous ...
| 30/03/2023
Appointed recently by Pope Francis, the prelate spoke to AsiaNews about the situation of the local Church, founded by the PIME fathers, “typical of this reality”, i.e. the civil war. Many priests and nuns are among the internally displaced ...
| 30/03/2023
by Santosh Digal
FABC President Card Bo has challenged the removal of the programme director of the continental Catholic broadcaster by the Philippine Church body that runs the station. However, the real row is over moving its operations from the Philippines to Thailand ...
| 29/03/2023
The retired Philippine supreme court justice spoke at a conference at the Gregorian University in Rome, noting that China’s claims in the Southeast Asia are incompatible with the High Seas Treaty and will have a negative impact on international ...
| 27/03/2023
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”