by Steve Suwannarat | THAILAND

The attack left one person dead and 30 wounded. This is another episode in a low-intensity conflict that has caused as many as 7,300 deaths over the past 20 years. Peace talks between the government and local groups resumed in 2013, but have not produced any concrete results. Thailand’s Muslims represent 4.5 per cent of the country’s population, concentrated in the south but with substantial numbers in Bangkok and the larger cities.

On 19-21 November, economists and entrepreneurs under 35 from around the world will meet online. More than 40 countries will be connected, with live streaming from Assisi. Some 2,000 people have registered with at least 12 link-ups to 115 countries, four hours a day plus a 24-hour marathon on the second day, and contributions from more than 20 countries.

| 27/10/2020

The meeting with the president of the German Bishops Conference, in all likelihood touched upon the assembly with "deliberative power" convoked by the Germans to address issues such as the separation of power in the Church, priestly life, women's access to ministry and to offices in the Church and sexual morality.

| 19/09/2019
by Steve Suwannarat

Located in a district that covers Bangkok’s port, Klong Toey is home to 100,000 people, many of them internal migrants. Here, the Sisters recently began providing meals to people further impoverished by the pandemic. With their school “only a few blocks away from the biggest slum,” the Sisters heeded Pope Francis’s call to “serve the poor at the borders of our society”.

| 09/10/2022
by Steve Suwannarat

A police officer kills 37 people, including 23 children. In his message of condolences, Pope Francis expressed his “spiritual closeness to all those affected by this act of unspeakable violence”. Police recruitment practices are coming under closer scrutiny as are abuses of power, drug use, and easy access to weapons.


| 07/10/2022

The court rules that the PM’s eight-year mandate is not yet completed by deciding that it began in 2017, not 2014. Pro-democracy protesters opposed to the decision take to the streets.


| 30/09/2022
by Steve Suwannarat

The new rule comes into effect on 26 October. It expands on last year’s Criminal Code amendment authorising abortion up to 12 weeks after a Supreme Court ruling. Liberalisation is clearly the goal. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference and many Buddhist groups are opposed.

| 28/09/2022
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by John Ai
Protests against the zero-COVID policy have spread across the country, including university campuses, becoming the most impressive since 1989. Despite the impact on the economy and household income, Chinese authorities have ignored people’s demands. ...
| 28/11/2022
Accused along with five pro-democracy figures of failing to register the charity in accordance with the law. The cardinal refused to accept a lighter sentence than his co-defendants. The maximum sentence imposed is €492. According to the defence, ...
| 25/11/2022
The prelate, who was secretly ordained with a papal mandate in 2014 and arrested for this reason, took office as auxiliary bishop in a ceremony held today in Nanchang.  The boundaries of his new diocese were drawn by the authorities. In Yujiang, ...
| 24/11/2022
Anwar Ibrahim took the oath of office today before King Abdullah. Forming a working majority among the various political factions will not be easy. For Archbishop Simon Poh of Kuching, “Seek harmony, mutual respect and acceptance. Religious extremism ...
| 24/11/2022
Myanmar and Russia are the only two countries to use the bombs systematically. A report confirms the atrocities committed by Myanmar’s junta with anti-personnel mines placed around people killed during an air raid. The anti-junta resistance controls ...
| 22/11/2022
6,500 migrant workers have died on stadium and infrastructure construction sites. But violence also affects domestic workers, exploited or abused by their bosses. The German Church is promoting a campaign, relaunched by the Benedictine nun and activist ...
| 16/11/2022
A congregation of Italian nuns tonight commemorates the 90th anniversary of the departure for China of six sisters who, in today's Mindong diocese, lived alongside abandoned girls in their mission for 17 years, before having to leave everything ...
| 11/11/2022
An ancient structure from the probable pre-Islamic era has been discovered off the coast of the Emirates. Inside is a church, a refectory, water cisterns and individual cells used by the monks. For scholars it is a confirmation of a period of at least ...
| 10/11/2022
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”