by Steve Suwannarat | THAILAND - GAZA

According to the Israeli army they were killed immediately on 7 October during the attack on kibbutz Be'eri. The fate of six other Bangkok citizens believed to be in the hands of Hamas remains unknown, as does Nepalese student Bipin Joshi, Meanwhile, thousands of Thais are trying to find work again in Israel as farmers.

Today's news: Xinjiang authorities block demolition order in old city of Kashgar, heart of Uyghur culture; Schools reopen in Bangladesh despite exceptional heatwave; Thai foreign minister resigns, negotiations with Myanmar at risk; India and Oman aim to strengthen trade agreements.

| 29/04/2024

Thai Prime Minister Sretta Thavisin, who cancelled a visit to the border town, announced the creation of an ad hoc committee to manage the situation. Over the weekend, more Myanmar refugees continue to pour in their thousands across the border as fighting raged in the area. To avoid another humiliating defeat, Myanmar’s military intensified aerial bombing.

| 23/04/2024
by Steve Suwannarat

Under pressure from local businessmen, Parliament wants to relax stringent regulations on the protection of the sea and working conditions on fishing vessels, which are often linked to human trafficking. The current law had been passed in 2015 under pressure from the European Union, which threatened a ban on local fish products. But now, with industrial production in crisis, Thailand hopes to catch up by 'liberalising' the sector.

| 15/04/2024

Today's news: over 243 million children in East and Southeast Asia at risk from heat waves:; Beijing denies top management access to two US companies for selling arms to Taiwan; The Taliban want to black out Facebook (and social media) by blocking the few sources of information; Islamabad negotiates the renewal of the rescue plan with the International Monetary Fund; Over 98,000 people evacuated in Kazakhstan due to flooding.


| 12/04/2024

Gong Saelao was one of the many migrant workers grabbed in the 7 October terrorist attack. Released in late November, for weeks he thought he “might not return home alive". Over time, his kidnappers became friendlier. The fate of the people still held in Gaza remains a mystery. US President Biden urges “a ceasefire [. . .] for the next six, eight weeks”.


| 10/04/2024

Today's news: Record gold seizure at Hong Kong customs worth more than million; For the Thai premier, it is time for talks with the coup junta in Myanmar, which is starting to 'lose strength'; Beijing blocked a popular Tibetan-language blog; Meeting between the foreign ministries of Russia and China, Putin's visit to Xi Jinping on the agenda. 

| 09/04/2024
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Three people have died and hundreds have been injured in recent clashes between police and pro-independence protesters in the French Overseas Territory. For the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), “It cannot be ignored that eruption of violence ...
| 17/05/2024
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Cranes and excavators are back at work after they were halted in June 2020 following local opposition and academic criticism, social media in China report. Ostensibly, the goal is to modernise rural life by merging a fifth of 70,000 villages, forcing ...
| 16/05/2024
Today's news: Pyongyang laundered 7.5 million in stolen cryptocurrencies in March alone; Rosewood trade from Mozambique to China finances Islamic State militants; YouTube blocks "Glory to Hong Kong" videos as requested by local government; Israel ...
| 15/05/2024
Zhang Zhan, 40, was a leading human rights advocate in Shanghai. The Christian woman was supposed to be freed today after four years in prison, but her fate remains unknown while her family has been forced into silence. Activist groups following her ...
| 13/05/2024
Receiving in audience a delegation led by the new Major Archbishop Raphael Thattil, the pontiff publicly expressed his assent to a request made for years by the Churches of the East, especially for their faithful in the Persian Gulf. A new harsh warning ...
| 13/05/2024
by Nirmala Carvalho
The 38-year-old member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross graduated from college in Mumbai before embracing the religious life. The new priest told AsiaNews: “My vocation and mission as a priest are to provide all the Sacraments in the Indian ...
| 07/05/2024
Strongly supported by Hun Sen and backed by Beijing, it would stretch 180 kilometres from the Mekong to the port of Kep. Work could start as early as the end of the year, but Hanoi is concerned about the repercussions on water management. And calls for ...
| 04/05/2024
May 1 in many Asian countries coincides with temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. Increasingly frequent conditions that - as a study by the Global Labor Institute on textile companies in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Vietnam explains - risk ...
| 01/05/2024
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”