06/19/2017, 09.22

'Potential Terrorist Attack' in London: a vehicle rams faithful leaving a mosque. One dead and eight injured

'Potential Terrorist Attack' in London: a vehicle rams faithful leaving a mosque. One dead and eight injured


London (AsiaNews / Agencies) - A white van rammed a group of faithful coming out of a North London Mosque, killing one person and injuring eight. The truck dove into the people people a few minutes after midnight near Finsbury Park Mosque.The driver was stopped by the people and held down until the police arrived. He is a 48-year-old western. Imams on Twitter have praised the imam of the mosque, Mohammed Mahmoud, who defended the suspect attacker from the violence of the crowd, until the man could be handed over to the police.

The Muslim Council of Great Britain stated that the attack was "intentional" and aimed at the faithful who were leaving last night's Ramadan prayer. The Council defines the gesture as a "violent manifestation of Islamophobia".

The government has decided to treat the act as a "potential terrorist attack."

The Finsbury Park mosque is famous because in the 2000s it was a place of radical Muslims, inflamed by the sermons of Abou Hamza, an Egyptian, now sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States for terrorism.

The 48-year-old driver's motivation seems to want to immitate the style with which radical Muslims have attacked innocent pedestrians in recent months: the London Bridge and the Borough Market the night between June 3 and 4; In Manchester after a youth concert last May 22; On March 22, on the Westminster Bridge.

Islamic-related sites are using the incident at Finsbury Park to incite Muslims to war against anyone.

An Islamic post from the "War News / Ummah News" says: "O Muslims, you need to wake up and start the war from your own streets, out of your own mosques. Your elders could be killed. Your sisters might be attacked. They hate you. "

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