09/20/2013, 00.00
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Manila and Taipei on the alert for arrival of Usagi , the strongest typhoon of 2013

Heavy rains and winds of up to 240 kilometers per hour in the Philippines and Taiwan. Maximum alert in China and Hong Kong, for the possible arrival of the storm over the weekend. Northern Philippines covered by floods and landslides in areas already hit by typhoon Utor .

Manila ( AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Philippines and Taiwan are preparing for the arrival of Usagi which, according to meteorologists, could develop into the most violent typhoon of 2013 . This morning, the hurricane was located 560 km south - east of Taiwan and 360 km from the northern coast of the Philippines, where there is a state of high alert, in particular with regard to maritime navigation. Manila and Taipei are monitoring the evolution of the situation closely, given the strong winds and heavy rains that could even hit China, Hong Kong and Vietnam over the weekend.

The "super- typhoon" Usagi is characterized by winds up to 175 km per hour, which are expected to strengthen to more than 200 km per hour ( up to 240 according to some estimates) . The central authorities in Manila have issued a weather alert - especially in the northern part of the Philippine archipelago - for probable floods, landslides and high winds.

Emergency personnel in some provinces are already on standby, as well as experts from the local civil protection . A similar situation is also in place in Taiwan, where the Central Meteorological Department is monitoring heavy rains that hit the northern coast of the island. In China the alert has already reached the highest level (class I) ahead of the arrival of the super -typhoon scheduled for the weekend .

In August, two people died and thousands were left homeless in the north of the Philippines for the passage of the typhoon Utor. Church and Catholic organizations immediately went into action to bring relief to the people , in a nation where at least 20 typhoons hit each year ( Utor was the 13th ). Moreover typhoons , tropical storms , hurricanes are very frequent during the summer season in many parts of east and south- east Asia, where the warm, moist air , combined with the low pressure creates the ideal conditions for the formation of these atmospheric phenomena .


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