23 January 2018
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  • » 06/16/2017, 10.14


    Abu Dhabi, a mosque dedicated to "Mary, Mother of Jesus". Bishop Hinder: Sign of tolerance

    For the apostolic vicar, the Emirates decision is a "positive step ". It shows "openness and interest in Islamic-Christian dialogue". The mosque is within walking distance of Saint Joseph's Cathedral; A place of Christian worship and a Muslim has created a stylized "Holy Family". The Emirate example of tolerance in a region characterized by conflicts.   

    Abu Dhabi (AsiaNews) - An important gesture of "tolerance" and a "positive step"  forward by the Muslim leadership towards Christians, showing "openness and interest in dialogue”, says Msgr. Paul Hinder, apostolic vicar of southern Arabia (UAE, Oman and Yemen), commenting to AsiaNews on the decision of the Emirates' to rename a mosque in Abu Dhabi, devoting it to the Virgin. The mosque, the prelate adds, "is near St. Joseph's Cathedral" and this gesture indicates, at least ideally, the desire to bring "the sacred family" together involving both religions.

    On June 14, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince and Defense Minister of Abu Dhabi, as well as supreme leader of the United Arab Emirates (EAU), decided to rename a mosque in Al Mushrif district. Dedicated to Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed, today the mosque is called "Mariam, Umm Eisa", the Arabic name of "Mary the Mother of Jesus".

    Behind the choice, the will of the Emirate's leadership to "consolidate the bonds of humanity" among "faithful of different religion" in a period of tensions and violence, even in the confessional background, which have now crossed the borders of the Middle East. Sheikh Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance (a newly introduced ministry to foster inter-religious dialogue), thanked the hereditary prince for the choice. It acts as an example, the minister explains, and a "beautiful image of tolerance and coexistence" by the Emirates, a nation that hosts immigrants and workers from over 200 countries in the world.

    The mosque is within easy reach of the Catholic cathedral of St. Joseph and the Anglican parish of Saint Andrew. The gesture of Muslim leadership met with the applause of representatives of the whole Christian, Catholic and Protestant community, confirming the example of openness and tolerance shown by the UAE in a regional context of chaos and confessional violence. An opening repaid by Christians, as witnessed by the decision made in recent days by a parish of Al Ain, which opened its doors for the prayer of ṣalāt al-maghrib, the fourth of the day recited immediately after sunset. The Christian worship site hosted up to 200 Muslims, mostly immigrant workers.

    In a communiqué, the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia recalled that the office of Msgr. Hinder lies "a few meters away" from the former mosque of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed, now dedicated to the Virgin. The vicariate remembers the common devotion that Christians and Muslims have for Mary, the mother of Jesus, who represents "a prominent figure" both in the Bible and in the Koran and constitutes an "important bond" between the two faiths. This gesture, concludes the note, "will contribute to peace and mutual understanding not only in the United Arab Emirates but throughout the region." (DS)

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    Apostolic Vicar of Arabia: the Jubilee of mercy has brought people closer to faith

    Msgr. Hinder speaks of the Holy Year as an occasion for "reconciliation and forgiveness." In an atmosphere of war and violence "forgiveness become increasingly important." A gesture that must also embrace those who "deny rights and inflict suffering." Thousands of faithful attend Advent Masses. Immigration "contaminates" the very life of the Church.

    14/09/2017 15:06:00 IRAQ
    Chaldean Patriarch calls for dialogue and reconciliation with respect to the Kurdistan referendum

    As referendum day, 25 September, approaches tensions between Erbil and Baghdad rise. Mar Sako calls on "moderate" voices to defuse tensions. A new military confrontation would have "disastrous" consequences. Minorities are growing fearful. Source tells AsiaNews that “the situation is even more delicate”.

    18/03/2016 18:49:00 IRAQ - UNITED STATES
    Christian 'genocide': blame the Islamic State, but also the US

    US Secretary of State John Kerry called for an international probe into the Islamist group that has massacred Yazidis, Christians, and Shias in Syria and Iraq. US foreign policy however contributed to the rise of the Islamic State (IS) group by marginalising pro-Saddam Hussein Sunnis in Iraq, by "containing" it without fighting IS, and by selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, which ended up in IS’s hands in Syria. Iraq is now the second country in the world in terms of anti-Christian persecution.

    27/04/2016 17:22:00 IRAQ
    For Baghdad auxiliary bishop, Iraq “is a mess”, at a “low point” of its history

    Iraqis are “fed up”, Mgr Warduni said, because of the lack of work, resources, and perspectives. Oil has elicited the interests of many, but impoverished the country. Prime Minister al-Abadi wants reforms but is challenged in and outside parliament. For Christian lawmaker, Iraq needs domestic unity, and peace between Saudis and Iranians.

    05/10/2010 IRAQ
    “Last chance for democracy” in Iraq, Mosul governor says
    Atheel al-Nujaifi is critical of outgoing PM Maliki, who is trying to find allies among Kurds and radical Shia. For the governor, who is Sunni, the country could slide into dictatorship. However, sectarian violence is not likely to happen because “people are really tired of that kind of thing." In Baghdad, pro-Allawi Sunni bloc signals some openness towards Maliki, saying that it is prepared to back the latter in exchange for its man in a presidency with enhanced powers.

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    The Vatican asks legitimate bishops to step aside in favour of illegitimate ones

    John Baptist Lin

    Last December, Mgr Peter Zhuang Jianjian of Shantou (Guangdong) was forced to go to Beijing where "a foreign prelate" from the Vatican asked him to leave his see to illicit bishop Joseph Huang Bingzhang. He had received the same request last October. Mgr Joseph Guo Xijin, ordinary bishop of Mindong, is expected to become the auxiliary or coadjutor of illicit Bishop Vincent Zhan Silu. Sinicizing the Chinese Church means supporting the principle of independence and follow the leadership of the Communist Party.

    Pope in Peru: Young people, the heart can’t be “photoshopped”, because that’s where real love is found

    At the Angelus in the Plaza de Armas, Pope Francis calls on young people to follow Jesus with all of themselves, without discouragement, in the example of St. Martin of Porres, the half-caste saint. Silent prayer for peace in the Republic of the Congo. To the bishops, the example of St. Turibius of Mogrovejo, an indefatigable evangelizer: "Today we would call him a 'street bishop'". To the contemplative religious the invitation to pray for the unity of the Peruvian Church.


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