08/13/2016, 12.39
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Activist Su Changlan's trial for "subversion" again postponed

The police cannot find evidence to support the charge. In 2014, the woman expressed support online for the democratic movement Occupy Central in Hong Kong. Family members kept in the dark.

Guangzhou (AsiaNews / RFA) - Guangdong authorities have once again extended the detention of the Human Rights activist Su Changlan. The woman was arrested in October 2014 and is in jail, still without trial, on charges of "inciting subversion of state power". Such "incitement" is due to the fact that the woman, 45, expressed support online for the "movement of umbrellas", and the Occupy Central pro-democracy sit-in in Hong Kong.

According to defense attorney Liu Xiaoyuan, the trial cannot take place because of a lack of clear evidence of "subversion".

Liu said: "There is nothing in the content of her post that can be classified as inciting subversion of state power and Su Changlan has already told the judges that this was not at all her intention".

The Chinese government has branded the pro-democracy movement Occupy Central as an illegal protest supported by "hostile foreign forces." The Catholic Church in Hong Kong, through the Justice and Peace Commission, said however that the movement was one of great civil responsibility and had no intention of overthrowing any government.

Su's husband, Chen Dequan, is concerned about his wife's health. He has asked on several occasions for information about her conditions from police as well as claims that she has "confessed” to the crime of which she is accused. But the police have never responded.

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