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Baghdad: Chaldean Church Synod to focus on emigration, vocations and liturgy

by Joseph Mahmoud
The Synod will run June 24 to 28 and will analyze the situation of the Chaldean dioceses in Iraq and among the countries of the Diaspora. Among other issues, the choice of pastors for the vacant sees, strengthening the presence of the laity and the creation of a Chaldean League. A special prayer to be recited at the end of Masses in preparation for the Synod.

Baghdad (AsiaNews ) - The situation of the Chaldean dioceses in Iraq and in the countries of the diaspora, together with the challenges of migration and Curia reform. These are some of the many points that will be discussed at the next Synod of the Chaldean Church to be held in Baghdad June 24 to 28, 2014.

The Patriarchate website has illustrated the key issues that Mar Louis Raphael Sako I, together with bishops,  will focus on in the weeks before the meeting . Addressing the Iraqi Catholic community, marked by years of suffering and persecution, His Beatitude has entrusted a prayer to be recited in dioceses, parishes, monasteries and convents, after the Sunday Masses in preparation for the Synod.

Together with the situation of the Chaldean Church as a whole , the Patriarch and the bishops will address the issue of selection of new pastors for the vacant dioceses; the beatification of the archbishops, martyrs of the Great War; the adoption of a private law.

The Synod will also be an opportunity to deepen the study of the draft amendment of the Rite of Baptism and Matrimony, with a view to unification in all parishes . This is accompanied by the renewal of the liturgy, a theme dear to Mar Sako since his election as Patriarch, and morning prayers.

Moreover , the Synod is called to deal with the problem of the lack of vocations to the priestly and monastic life that threatens to impoverish an already weakened Chaldean Church. In fact the Church is still suffering from a wave of migration that, since 2003 , has halved the Christian population of Iraq. Then there is the hope to exploit the potential and charisma of the laity by asking them to contribute to the challenges and aspirations of the Church, entrusting them positions of responsibility . Finally, the creation of a League Chaldean along the lines of the Maronite, Assyrian and Greek Leagues.

In preparation for the Synod, the Chaldean Patriarchate has composed a prayer to be recited at the end of Sunday services. Below we publish the text :

Lord Jesus, pour out on our bishops Your Soul and Your Life so that they will merge in You. Possess their heart completely to reflect Your Face, love and values with enthusiasm, joy, dedication and impartiality.

O Lord, accompany them, and enlighten them in their meetings, their discussions and decisions for better service and a more credible witness.

O Lord, we pray for the outcome of the Synod to be the expected fruits for the unity of our Church, and its rooting in its mission and renewal in authenticity, all glory and honor is Yours forever.


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