05/19/2014, 00.00
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Bangladesh's Catholic schools achieve outstanding results

by Sumon Corraya
Most students get highest exam score. Our Lady of Fatima Girls' High School ranks eighth. "Our school teaches us discipline, honesty and faithfulness. That is why our school is best," says one student.

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - Catholic Church-run schools have obtained exceptional results in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) tests, increasing their overall score by 2.95 per cent over last year.

More than 45,000 students obtained a GPA-5 (grade point average), i.e. the maximum score. In most Catholic schools, 100 per cent of students achieved the highest score.

In Comilla, a city in eastern Bangladesh, Our Lady of Fatima Girls' High School ranked eighth in terms of SSC and Higher Secondary School (HSC) Certificate exams, this according to the local school board.

According to Ministry of Education figures, more students obtained the highest GPA, up from 78.19 per cent in 2010 to 92.67 per cent this year.

Teaching and mentoring have improved as the method of creative questioning was applied to 21 subjects. Particular focus was on English and mathematics, with students relying more on their textbooks.

Overall, the Catholic Church in Bangladesh runs 49 high schools, 5 colleges and 109 elementary and junior high schools. About 95 per cent of the students are not Christians. These facilities not only provide an excellent academic training but also moral education.

"Our school teaches us discipline, honesty and faithfulness. That is why our school is best," Nazma Akter told AsiaNews. A high school student at Our Lady of Fatima, she obtained the highest score in the SSC examination.

Teachers in Catholic schools say they provide the best education to the students. "We cover every chapter in every book. We take extra care of slow learners and we are there for those who get good results," said Nirmal Francis Gomes, president of St Philip's High School and College in Dinajpur.

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