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Chen Guangcheng: "The world must help Beijing’s transition to democracy"

On a visit to U.S. Congress, the blind dissident denounces: "China has not kept its promises to me and other dissidents. But change is inevitable, because more and more people are demanding respect for their rights". While in London the values of universal brotherhood are celebrated(on paper), the regime continues to persecute those who ask for democracy.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - China "has not kept its promises to me and other dissidents" and "continues to persecute those who seek justice." The "United States and all other nations that embrace the fundamental values of constitutionalism, democracy, freedom and the rule of law must support and assist with a smooth transition in China". This was the message that the blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng brought to the U.S. Congress yesterday during a visit.


While the values ​​of tolerance and universal brotherhood are celebrated in London - with China playing a major role in all competitions - the communist regime continues to intimidate and violate the rights of dissidents and human rights activists. Chen's denunciation is coupled to the case of the dissidents Zeng Jiuzi and Song Ningsheng, sentenced to 14 months' hard labor for having participated in the July 1 march in Hong Kong for democracy in China.


Chen, accompanied by a bevy of American lawyers, denounced this situation in Congress. The dissident, whose case in recent months sparked no small amount of diplomatic tension between Washington and Beijing, was welcomed by the Speaker of the House John Boehner and the House Minority leader, Nancy Pelosi.


The United States, Boehner said during a press conference, "must demand China respect human rights." For his part, the dissident blind stressed that "before leaving, I had obtained assurances from the Chinese government. They said they would investigate the various threats and violations that I and my family have suffered in Shandong. But they have done nothing".


His concern is for his nephew, Chen Kegui, accused of "murder" immediately after his escape from his uncle's house and still being held by local authorities. Democratic senator John Kerry said the young man "must be treated fairly and humanely, and granted access to whatever defence counsel he chooses". Chen arrived in New York in May last year after escaping from house arrest and claiming asylum in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. Change in China, he said, "is inevitable as more and more people find the courage to demand their rights." However, the news continues to report cases of egregious violations of all kinds by the communist authorities.


The son of Jiuzi Zeng, Liu Zhonghua, was threatened with death by Chinese police after he gave an interview to the international press in which he tells the epic story of his mother. After having marched in the Territory in favor of democracy in China, not only was she sentenced to hard labor, but was suddenly transferred to another camp thousands of miles from the previous one. All this, without any warning to the family.


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