20 November 2017
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  • » 09/14/2010, 00.00


    Christian Churches: The Pope's visit to the United Kingdom a boost of courage for mission

    Appreciation from Anglican and Baptist leaders, from the Salvation Army and Reformed Churches. Secularization a shared problem. 60% of Catholics say that British society does not value their faith. For 70% of Catholics, Benedict XVI is good for the Church, despite the scandal of paedophile priests.

    London (AsiaNews / Agencies) - All the Christian Churches in England are looking forward to the arrival of Benedict XVI in the United Kingdom and hope the Pope will encourage them to bear witness together in the face of an increasingly secularized society.

    Contrary to what the majority of media preach, the scandals of sex abuse and paedophile priests are pushing Catholics to draw closer to the testimony of Benedict XVI and the Church.

    The Protestant website Christian Today yesterday published a joint statement of  welcome to Benedict XVI  with the Church of England.  They hope that his visit will be a source of encouragement for all the churches in the country. The declaration is signed by Rowan Williams, the Anglican primate of England, Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, Betty Matear of the Salvation Army.

    Positive comments are also expressed by Rev. Roberta Rominger, General Secretary of the United Reformed Church that appreciates the work of Catholic bishops in the moral and spiritual sphere and hopes that the Pope's visit will give new "energy" and "inspiration" to the churches.

    The Baptist Union, speaking through Rev. Jonathan Edwards says it hopes that the visit will bring greater understanding between Christians to make them "more effective in reaching all people with the love of God."

    Mgr. Walton Powell, National Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy, said the Pope had a “message for this generation”.

    The unanimous appreciation for the Pope's visit is explained by the fact that all the Churches of the United Kingdom face the same problem: a strong secularism, the marginalization of faith from public life, the ridicule of religion.

    Bishop Kieran Conry of Brighton, says that he hopes the Pope’s visit will jolt Catholics to have confidence in “our right to stand up and say ‘I believe’, even though many people in our society will say ‘Keep quiet about that”.

    A survey published by the BBC says that 60% of Catholics think that British society does not value their faith.

    In the weeks leading up to the Pope's visit, many media fallen over themselves to re-float the (old) news stories of paedophile priests, the "closure" of the Catholic Church toward gays or women priests, pushing the idea that Benedict XVI will find many obstacles and may not even be welcome in Britain.

    At least 52% of Catholics said that the sexual abuse scandal has shaken their confidence in the leadership of the Church, but at least 70% believe that the Pope's visit will benefit the Church in the United Kingdom.

    This visit by Benedict XVI is the first by a pope after that of John Paul II in 1982. The tour begins September 16 and ends on 19 with the beatification of Cardinal. John Henry Newman.
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    Pope in Britain, integral formation must be the goal of every school
    Addressing the students of all Catholic schools in the country, Benedict XVI emphasizes that "the world needs good scientists, but scientific perspective becomes dangerously narrow, if it ignores the ethical and religious dimension of life, just as religion becomes narrow, if rejects the legitimate contribution of science to our understanding of the world. "

    Anglican Theologian: Pope's visit "crucial" for relations between two Churches
    According to John Milbank, the trip is "an opportunity" for Benedict XVI to change the wrong impression that the Anglo-Saxon world has of him. Consensus between Catholics and Anglicans is "deeper than their differences". Positive Anglican reaction to beatification of Cardinal Newman, "symbol of unity".

    17/09/2010 VATICAN – GREAT BRITAIN
    Respect and reciprocity among religions needed, Pope says
    In meeting with representatives of Great Britain’s main religions, Benedict XVI called for respect for the right to religious freedom. The ecumenical dialogue with Anglicans has made great strides, notwithstanding some difficulties. Police announce that they arrested five individuals who were planning an attack to “coincide” with the papal visit.

    Pope in Britain calls for lay people and teachers who know and show what they believe in
    On the day of the beatification of Cardinal Newman, in front of 70 thousand faithful, Benedict XVI repeated his call for the need for an intelligent and trained laity. The "shame and horror" for the "tremendous amount of death and destruction that war brings with it" goes to renew their commitment to act for peace.

    Pope in Britain: "Shame" and "humiliation" over priest’s abuse of children
    The "immense suffering" of victims of paedophile priests mentioned alongside those who suffer discrimination and persecution for their faith. Celebrating Mass in Westminster Cathedral, Benedict XVI again underlines the Church and society’s "need" for "witnesses" of Christ.

    Editor's choices

    Mass for a deceased underground priest. Card. Zen asks for God ‘s grace to save the Church in China and the Holy See from the 'precipice'

    Li Yuan

    Fr. Wei Heping, 41, died in mysterious circumstances, his body dumped in a river in Taiyuan (Shanxi). For the police claim he committed suicide. Family members are not allowed to even see the autopsy report. For Card. Zen the Holy See (which "is not necessarily the Pope") seeks a compromise at all costs with the Chinese government, risking "to sell out the faithful Church". Justice and Peace publish a booklet about Fr. Wei, not to forget.

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    Marking the Feast of All Souls, Francis celebrated Mass at the American Cemetery in Nettuno. "When so many times in history men think of a war, they are convinced of bringing a new world, they are convinced of making a 'spring'. It ends in a winter, ugly, cruel, with the reign of terror and death."


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